MO Jianhui, Secretary of the Party Group of China Classification Society Visited HEU

On November 13th, MO Jianhui, Secretary of the Party Group of the China Classification Society, and his party visited HEU. The two sides exchanged in-depth discussions on technical cooperation and personnel training. President YAO Yu and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee XIA Guihua met with visitors.

On behalf of HEU, YAO Yu thanked the China Classification Society for its long-term support of HEU's industrial achievements, research project cooperation and personnel training. He said that HEU's 65-year history has formed the school's characteristics of three seas and one nuclear (marine industry, naval equipment, marine development, and nuclear energy). HEU has taken responsibility for serving the national marine industry and national defense construction, and thus has cultivated a group of reliable and top talents in the fields of the national shipbuilding industry, naval equipment industry, marine development industry, and nuclear energy application industry. He said that HEU has a good foundation for cooperation with the China Classification Society. The China Classification Society has given important support to HEU in the numerical tank, energy conservation and emission reduction, DP3 and other projects. The China Classification Society has a high standing position in the industry and is more forward-looking and international in the development of scientific research projects and personnel training. It is hoped that the China Classification Society can give greater help and support to the transformation of scientific research achievements in HEU. Additionally, the China Classification Society is expected to provide a good international stage for students with internships and other methods of learning the industry.

MO Jianhui gave a brief introduction of the history, development and achievements of the China Classification Society. He said that the China Classification Society and HEU have established solid and stable cooperative relations in technical cooperation and personnel training for many years. It is hoped that on the basis of the original cooperation, the two sides will establish an effective cooperative mechanism and smooth communication channels, so that information exchanges between the two sides will be more effective. Thus, exchanges will be more convenient, and cooperation will be deeper. He emphasized that the party's 19th National Congress based on a new era and a new journey has made a major strategic plan for building a strong transportation country. China is transforming from a big shipping power to a great shipping power. The shipbuilding industry and marine development require a large number of talents and technical support. The Society is willing to establish a long-term and stable cooperation mechanism with HEU to jointly contribute to the construction and development of the national marine cause.

Finally, MO Jianhui and his party held a discussion with the responsible persons of the research institutes and academic offices of HEU. The two sides reached preliminary cooperation intentions in establishing exchange and cooperation mechanisms, personnel training, scientific research cooperation, and joint efforts to promote transportation in the Heilongjiang river basin.

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