The Construction Project of MOE Engineering Research Center for Marine Power Technology in HEU Was Accepted

Entrusted by the Department of Science and Technology in the  Ministry of Education, HEU organized an acceptance meeting for the construction project of the MOE Engineering Research Center for Marine Power Technology. On the 14 the of November the assembly gathered in the Meeting Room of Dongli Building. The acceptance panel, led by Professor ZHAO Guangbo from Harbin Institute of Technology, together with other 6 experts, came for the acceptance. XIA Guihua, Deputy Boardman of HEU, was present at the meeting.

During the meeting, Professor MA Xiuzhen, Director of the center, gave a summary report on the construction situation of the research center to the panel. After reviewing the relevant documents and on-site investigation of the R&D Base, the panelists happily affirmed and recognized the construction of the center.

The panel agreed that through concentrating on the research and development of marine power technology and product innovation, technology radiation and achievement transformation, as well as education of innovative talents, the center has carried out efficient and fruitful work. This has included: completed research and engineering verification environment construction of marine power plant autonomous technology, power plant vibration and noise reduction technology, and intake and exhaust control technology of power plants. All this has achieved the goal of the project, which was developed to be an important base for innovation of marine power technology and education of high-level talents in China. Therefore, the construction project was accepted by the panel.  

The MOE Engineering Research Center for Marine Power Technology was approved for construction by the MOE in 2009. Through development in recent years, it has formed the academic direction with its own advantages and characteristics, by carrying out research closely related to improving economic efficiency, exhaust control, intelligentization, invisibility and reliability of marine power plants (including diesel, combustion gas turbines, steam power and gearing), breaking through the fundamental theories and key technology, supporting the industry development. This has been powerful support for the construction of HEU; aiding it to become a world class university with distinct features.   

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