Three Professors are selected as "Longjiang Scholars"

Recently, the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province announced the list of 2018 Longjiang Scholars. HEU College of Power and Energy Engineering Professor SONG Enzhe was selected as the Distinguished Professor of “Longjiang Scholar”. HEU College of Economics and Business Administration Professors SU Yi and Management and College of Nuclear Science and Technology Professor TAN Sichao were selected as Young Scholars of “Longjiang Scholar”.


Professor SONG, focusing on the field of marine engine control, has deeply carried out research work on the application of basic theory, key technologies, system development and engineering application. Professor SONG made breakthroughs on a series of basic theories and key technologies of marine engine control applications, and has formed the independent research and development capability of the ship engine control system, enabling China's ship engines to have their own brains.

Professor SU has mainly engaged in the research of science and technology innovation and sustainable development, while combining the basic theories of system science, physics, chemistry and mathematics with relevant theories of management science, and has carried out innovative domestic and international frontier research on the problems encountered in the process of science and technology innovation.


Professor TAN has long been committed to researching thermal hydraulic characteristics of marine reactors, laser diagnostic technology, design of small nuclear reactor systems and performance of nuclear power plants. He has undertaken more than 20 major scientific research projects such as the national key research and development plan, the National Defense 973 project, the National Natural Science Foundation, and the National Defense Research Project. Relevant research results have been applied in the process of R&D, design and safety review of nuclear power platforms in China.


The “Longjiang Scholar Support Program” is an important component of the high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talents and team training support programs implemented by the provincial party committee and the provincial government. It is a comprehensive project to support the growth and development of high-level talents in higher education institutions. Longjiang scholars are recommended once a year, with a special appointment period of 5 years for professors and 3 years for young scholars. Longjiang scholars enjoy the Longjiang Scholars' bonus during the term of employment, and the prizes are supported by special funds of the Higher Education and Strong Province.


At present, 15 experts from HEU have been selected as the Distinguished Professors of “Longjiang Scholars”, 3 experts have been selected as the Lecture Professors of “Longjiang Scholars”, and 3 experts have been selected as the Young Scholars of “Longjiang Scholars”.

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