Our Students Proudly Won the Honorary Title of the 5th “Outstanding Achievements Winner of National Master of Engineering Internship Practice”

Recently, the National Engineering Professional Degree Graduate Education Steering Committee issued the results of the 5th Outstanding Achievements Winner of National Master of EngineeringInternship Practice (Engineering Teaching Committee (2018) No. 38). 2015 graduate student Ruan Yewu, guided by professor SHENG Xueli, from the College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering, was awarded the honorary title of “Outstanding Achievements Winner of National Master of Engineering Internship Practice”. A total of 115 engineering graduates from around the country won this honor, and 5 of them were selected from two universities in Heilongjiang Province.


The “Outstanding Achievements Winner of National Master of Engineering Internship Practice” is to summarize and promote the results of graduates' practice from their full-time engineering master's degrees, guide training units to further improve the practice of professional degree graduate internships, and promote understanding, participation and support of engineering masters. Our school has been awarded the honorary title of outstanding achievements winner of master of engineering practice for 3 consecutive years. There are now 5 students from our school who have won this honor.


Professional practice is an important link for graduate students to gain practical experience and improve their practical ability. Under the guidance of tutors in and outside of the school, engineering master's degree graduates have solved real problems of enterprises through professional service, and have achieved outstanding results. At the same time, their scientific research ability, application ability and professional ability have been effectively improved. The university will continue to innovate and reform the educational model for graduate students with professional degrees, strengthening the construction of the practice base, encouraging graduate students to discover functional results in their work, promoting the further improvement of the quality of graduate education.

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