Makers gathered in the "Maker Faire" to share the Science and Technology Feast

On December 2nd, the Sunshine Hall of the Qihang Activity Center was crowded with people. More than 50 creative works in the fields of Smart Home, Internet-famous Food, Robot Interaction, Photographic Culture Creativity, Boat and Ship Race, Virtual Reality, Visual Experience, Smart Business Clothing and other fields attracted more than 2,000 science and technology innovation enthusiasts to visit faire. HEU 3rd Maker Competition and the 2nd Maker Faire was held as scheduled. The 16 student entrepreneurial entities and the maker teams brought together the  Maker Faire  to show innovative achievements and share the experience of makers.


There are more than 50 entries in this contest, which are divided into creative group and competitive group according to the project categories of the entrants. After selection, 29 creative groups and 8 competitive group entries are included in the final.


In addition to the well-known maker teams such as Electronic Vision Association, Harbin Qianfan Technology Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Youziyin Photography Co., Ltd., some freshmen and sophomore maker teams have also begun to make a figure. New and interesting works such as wireless loudspeakers, eggshell tumblers and laser engraving machines have attracted the attention of many science and technology innovation enthusiasts.


In order to attract more makers to participate in the event, the contest set up the Maker Faire activity area. The 12 student entrepreneurial entities and some of the science and technology creation teams that have been incubated by HEU College Students' Maker Workshops have gathered in the Maker Faire to show the entrepreneurial achievements and share the experience of the makers. Among them, VR experience area, Rubik's cube robot performance, 3D printing, remote control competitive car experience and other aspects are especially welcomed by the majority of science and technology innovation enthusiasts.

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