The Academic Conference of the Key Laboratory of Advanced Ship Materials and Mechanics Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Held at HEU

On November 26th, the Academic Conference of the Key Laboratory of Advanced Ship Materials and Mechanics Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was held at HEU. Academician WEI Yueguang, deputy director of the Academic Committee of the Laboratory, Professor WU Linzhi, Academician ZHOU Youhe and other two professors, three senior engineers including HUANG Jine, and Vice President Han Duanfeng attended the meeting.


On behalf of HEU, HAN Duanfeng welcomed the experts and highlighted the laboratory faculty, international cooperation, and personnel training. He said that in accordance with the idea of emphasizing characteristics, strengthening foundations, focusing on output, and improving mechanisms, the laboratory construction focuses on the major needs of the national economy and national defense modernization, based on the advantages in the field of ship materials, and further consolidates the frontier basic scientific research direction. We should construct a basic theoretical innovation system oriented to the frontier of science in the field of characteristics,which is a major strategic need of the country, and a technological innovation system for regional economic development. It is hoped that through this meeting, we will further consolidate the academic direction, open up scientific research channels, and continuously enhance the academic influence and academic contribution.


Subsequently, on behalf of HEU, HAN Duanfeng presented the appointment certificate to 13 experts including Academician WEI Yueguang.


The relevant persons in charge of the laboratory reported on the basic situation of the laboratory, the main research direction, communication and management in the past one year. The participating experts fully affirmed the results of laboratory and believed that the laboratory has a clear positioning and distinctive research directions. New progress has been made in the construction of scientific research team for talent training both at home and abroad in academic exchange and laboratory construction.Later, experts put forward feasible suggestions to the future work of the laboratory


After the meeting, Academician WEI Yueguang and Professor ZHOU Youhe made an academic report entitled Research on the Toughness and Destruction Mechanism of Metal Bonding System and Progress and Application of Quantitative Research on Multi-field Coupling Nonlinear Mechanics of Complex Systems.

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