HEU's Two Patents Won the Chinese Patent Award

Recently, National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC has announced the results of the evaluation of the 20th Chinese Patent Award. HEU’s College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering Professor SUN Dajun’s team’s patent, “A Deep Sea Acoustic Integrated Positioning System and Its Positioning and Navigation Method for Underwater Vehicles” and College of Power and Energy Engineering Professor FAN Liyun’s team’s patent, “Electrical Control Injector for Heavy Oil with Accumulator Chamber”, of the Academy of Underwater Acoustics of our University were awarded the Silver Prize and the Excellence Prize respectively.






The data survey exhibits that 79 projects of 51 universities were selected this year, amounting to almost less than 10% of the total. Since last two years, the average ratio of the number of college awards to the number of the total awards has been 8.49% and 11.25% respectively.


The China Patent Award was established by National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC in 1989. It is the only exclusive government department award and the highest award for patent-granting invention and creation in China. It is recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and has a profound international impact. The China patent award evaluation standard not only emphasizes the novelty, creativity and practicability of patent-related technologies, but also pays attention to the significance of resultant transformation. Simultaneously, focusing on the benefits of results transformation as well as providing the much-needed requirements for its protection, status and management, which is a comprehensive description of core technology level, innovation ability and productivity.


In recent years, HEU has implemented the intellectual property strategy effectively. The Intellectual Property Center, based on full-cycle service of patent acceptance and authorization, actively penetrates into academic teams and teachers to provide guidance, analysis and training for intellectual property planning. It has also provided information services such as monthly intellectual property reports for the whole school, consistently improving the management and service processes, expanding service depth and content and has made great progress in intellectual property work. Up till now, there are more than 3200 effective HEU’S invention patents, ranking 16th amongst various universities nationwide. This year, the number of patents accepted has exceeded up to, 1,000 than the previous years.








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