The "1248" Talent Training Model ,Resulting in an All-Round, “Golden Class"

The 2014,051 class, of the College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering, graduated this year in flying colors. Ithas made its mark on the school’s “Graduation Golden List”, since all 32 outstanding students of the class have qualified to study further for the Master’s Program. Thisexperience of “All-Round exceptional class” has aroused widespreadcuriosity and heated discussion.

Lets just evaluate the, “Hallmarks” forging the talent training of this college. Since they have been in practice of teaching and learning for many years, the college has devised and formulated a unique training model for undergraduate education and teaching personnel called, the 1248 Talent Training Model.

In this Model,1 ,refers to a concept as a man, doing things and learning, which is the educational purpose always advocated by the Academician Yang Shie.2 , refers to two goals. First, high loyalty to the Underwater Acoustic Engineering and second is elite education + zero drop outs. It aims to guide students to acknowledge and love  Underwater Acoustic major, so that they develop a sense of belonging to the industry thus willing to work and do research in this field. It focuses on making the students determined to become the first-class engineers, scientists and leading talents in Underwater Acoustics industry. In order to achieve the goal of “Full Elite Education”, the college has developed the concept of “Not One Less”, paying close attention to the growth and development of each student. 4 refers to four measures, full coverage, elite education, scientific research drive and initiative. It elaborates, improve undergraduate education and teaching management to achieve full coverage, strengthening the system construction to support elite education by scientific research driven to encourage teachers to transform research results into teaching content. It guides the teachers actively to take the initiative in paying attention to undergraduate education. 8 refers to eight teams; in-service teachers, counselors, class teachers, undergraduate tutors, freshman bedroom academic navigators, learning assistants, innovation and entrepreneurship instructors and Science and Technology lecturers ready for the undergraduate education and teaching. Through the 1248 talent training mode, the undergraduate education and teaching of the college has achieved an atmosphere of all-round education center of student development.

Recently, Principal Yao Yu, during the inspection of undergraduate education teaching at the College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering, emphasized, “The purpose of first-class universities and first-class disciplines is to cultivate first-class talents, which is the essential work of the university and our initial intention.” Cultivating the concept of elite education into practice in the undergraduate education and teaching is an integral, vital mission and task. If  the college will continue to bring forth its ideas, daring to innovate, it is inevitable to lead towards new methods and ways.



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