The 6th Cross-Strait College Students' Northland Culture Tour Winter Camp opened at HEU


On December 23rd, the 6th Cross-Strait College Students' Northland Culture Tour Winter Camp, supported by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and sponsored by HEU, officially opened at  HEU. 47 Taiwanese teachers and students from 12 Taiwanese universities participated in the Winter camp.


HEU Office of Hongkong, Macau And Taiwan affairs Director, LIU Zhiqiang delivered an opening speech. National Tsing Hua University student, CHEN Shiyan, and HEU exchange student representative to Taiwan, PANG Bo spoke as representative of the participating students and volunteers respectively.


The 6th Cross-Strait College Students’ Northland Culture Tour Winter Camp lasted for 8 days, focusing on strengthening Taiwan's teachers and students' understanding on the mainland by promoting the emotional blending of teachers and students across the Straits. During the Winter camp, a series of cross-strait students' interactive exchange activities were carried out. These activities  were divided into nine important categories: course training, HEU Campus Culture Cognition, Harbin History and Architecture Understanding, Ice and Snow Cultural Experience, Cross-Strait Student Association, Field Investigation, Cooperation Investigation Report, Reporting Meeting and Snow Sculpture Production etc. The event is being held in HEU for the sixth consecutive year and has been fully affirmed by the Hongkong, Macau And Taiwan affairs Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology thus exerting certain influence in the Taiwan region.


HEU has sent 17 students to Taiwan's sister schools for exchange study this year. Two graduate students of HEU’s College of Nuclear Science and Technology, completed their studies at Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Science at National Tsing Hua University for the first time, successfully obtaining the Masters degree of Engineering undergoing thesis defense. Nine Taiwanese students from sister schools were admitted to exchange studies in Shipbuilding Engineering, Business Administration and Industrial Economy. For the first time, one Taiwanese undergraduate was also enrolled. Recently, HEU formally promulgated regulations on the recruitment and training of students from Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan. In order to further promote the exchange and cooperation between HEU and higher education in Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan, HEU has standardized and guaranteed  enrollment, high quality teaching, life management and service of students from Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan.



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