HEU's "Seychelles" Won the First Prize in "Snow Charm", Heilongjiang Provincial College Snow Sculpture Competition

On December 13th, the four-day Snow Charm, Heilongjiang Provincial College Snow Sculpture Competition reached its closure at Sun Island. Overall 35 teams from 29 universities of Heilongjiang Province participated in the competition. HEU's work Seychelles won the first prize of the international student group. HEU won the Outstanding Organization Award. Also Our teacher DU Zhaoqun was awarded the title of Excellent Instructor.


The Seychelles design was originally produced by the Seychelles student Rocky. The main body is Seychelles' unique coconut called Coco Demer, the world's largest coconut. The work also incorporates tropical elements such as birds, fish and turtles. Chinese and foreign students used ice and snow to create a different tropical style.


In recent years, the school has responded positively to the call of “Ice and Snow”. It  is one of the regions’ “invaluable assets”, relying on superior resources, highlighting regional characteristics, and striving to create a series of ice and snow cultural activities for foreign and Chinese students. In 2017, “Perception of China - Ice Culture Tour” was hosted by the China Scholarship Council and organized by HEU. At the beginning of 2018, HEU international students participated in the snow sculpture competition held in Sun Island for the first time, which was highly appreciated. In this competition, the team of HEU was led by HEU College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering teacher and the snow sculpture artist DU Zhaoqun. The team is composed of three international students from Seychelles, Liberia, Zambia and a Chinese student. After meticulous preparation and four days of construction, the team members and instructor  completed the  high quality masterpiece, which inspired loads of applaude and appreciation  from the judges and audience, eventually winning the laurel.


The competition was co-hosted by the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education and the Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Exposition. The aim of the competition was to carry out the important instruction of the General Secretary XI Jinping, given in his speech at the Symposium about the ‘Promotion of the Revitalization of Northeast China’ and to implement the spirit of inspecting Heilongjiang province. Thus promoting the complete exhibition of the characteristics of ice and snow culture in Heilongjiang Province.








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