HEU Teachers' Academic Monograph Got Funding by the 2018 National Science and Technology Academic Works Publications Fund

Recently, the list of projects funded by the National Science and Technology Academic Publications Fund in 2018 was declared.  The Aerodynamic Design and Flow Mechanism of Marine Gas Turbine Power Turbine, edited by HEU College of Power and Energy Engineering Associate Professor GAO Jie and other teachers, was  selected successfully.

This book discusses the advanced Aerodynamic design method and complex flow mechanism of Marine gas power turbine. It is the collective thought and effort of the Turbomachine Research laboratory. It has important guiding significance in solving the bottleneck problem of marine gas turbines, restricting the development of China's shipbuilding industry, especially large ships.

The evaluation of the Academic Publications Fund has been underway  since August 2017. After a series of screenings such as: form review, peer review and conference review, 211 projects have been finalized nationwide and 4 of them are from Heilongjiang Province.

The National Science and Technology Academic Publications Fund was established in 1997 by the State Council and is managed by the National Science and Technology Academic Publications Fund Committee. The establishment of the Foundation is of great significance in supporting the publication of outstanding scientific and technological academic works. It helps in the prosperity of the scientific publishing industry. Thus, promoting the development of Science and Technology.

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