HEU’s “Nuclear Power Plant Living-PSA and Online Risk Monitoring and Management Technology Research” Project Cleared the Acceptance Test


The project “Living-PSA and Online Risk Monitoring and Management Technology Research of Nuclear Power Plant” (No. 2014ZX06004-003), of HEU successfully cleared the Acceptance Inspection. The inspection was organized by the National Energy Administration's Major Nuclear Power Implementation Management Office on January 15th and 16th. Experts believe that the project is a break through key to the common technologies such as: online risk model modeling and updating, fast calculation algorithm of risk model, online reliability data acquisition, analysis and storage system. Simultaneously, the project has also made innovative achievements in the fast algorithm of risk model, automatic and timely updating of model, automatic collection and processing of reliability data.


The project is led by HEU and has been jointly undertaken by China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd., and State Power Investment Corporation Limited Power Group Plant Operation Technology (Beijing) Institute. This is the first major special project of large advanced pressurized water reactor and high temperature gas cooled reactor Nuclear Power Plant led by HEU. HEU College of Computer Science and Technology and College of Mechatronics undertook the research and development of online risk monitoring software, interface design and evaluation.


During the implementation of the project, a total of 256 people participated in the research and development, covering a wide range of professional fields and involving many R&D project personnel. A number of innovative talents were trained and a stable risk guidance Nuclear safety research team was formed, which provided talent support for the development of risk management applications in Nuclear power plants in China.


The project results will provide technical means for real-time risk monitoring of Nuclear power plants in China by accurately monitoring the safety level of Nuclear power plants, optimizing resource allocation and improving the safety level and overall efficiency of Nuclear power plants.


It is speculated that the school, on the basis of the research results, intends to apply for the National Key R&D project Safety Margin Analysis Technology Research of Risk Guidance, in collaboration with Tsinghua University, China General Nuclear Power Group Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute, China Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, Institute of Nuclear Safety Research Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units.











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