HEU and Zhucheng City reached a Cooperation Consensus in the Field of Ship and Ocean

On March 7th, Zhucheng City Municipal People's Government Executive Deputy Mayor LI Qinghua and his group, visited HEU. HEU Deputy Secretary of the party committee XIA Guihua met Deputy Mayor LI and his group. Both sides conducted comprehensive discussion regarding the National strategic requirements in the fields of Ship and Ocean Intelligent Equipment manufacturing and latest materials. They  reached at consensus  for preliminary cooperation .

On behalf of HEU, Deputy Secretary XIA greeted Deputy Mayor LI and his delegation. He briefly introduced the history, discipline development and scientific research advantages of  HEU. Both sides anticipated that HEU and Zhucheng City will conduct detailed cooperation in the field of Equipment Manufacturing, New Materials and Military-civilian integration.

Deputy Mayor LI said that the Zhucheng City Government will act as a bridge to promote school-enterprise, school-site cooperation and the transformation and up gradation of Zhucheng City's industry.

Deputy Mayor LI and his delegation visited; the Key Laboratory of National Defense Science and Technology of Underwater Robotics, Key Laboratory of Advanced Marine Power Technology Ministry, Metal Materials Research Institute, Marine Advanced Materials Research Institute and People's Liberation Army of China Military Institute of Engineering Memorial Hall.

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