HEU and Steel Research Institute of Ansteel Group’s Agreement of Strengthening Interdisciplinary Cooperation

On March 13th, Ren Ziping Dean of the Steel Research Institute of Ansteel Group and his party, visited HEU. Vice President HAN Duanfeng met the visitors. Both sides conducted detailed discussion about the National strategic requirements in the fields of Ships, Oceans and new materials. Consequently, arriving at  mutual consensus for cooperation.

REN Ziping introduced the achievements of the Steel Research Institute of Ansteel Group in the field of Scientific research during past years. It has been anticipated that the two sides will conduct close cooperation in the field of; Corrosion resistant materials, Composite materials and Military-civilian integration. Henceforth, jointly establishing laboratories to promote the cooperation and development of school-enterprise.

On behalf of HEU, HAN Duanfeng welcomed REN Ziping and his party. He briefly introduced the history, the characteristics of the discipline, the advantages of scientific research of HEU and so on. Similarly, HEU will be counting on the establishment of cooperation in Metal materials, so as to develop scientific research in the interdisciplinary field. HEU will combine talent cultivation and scientific research, supporting the scientific and technological development of the Steel Research Institute. Thus, promoting the integration of Science and Education, by laying the foundation for the coordinated development of schools and enterprises.

During the visit, Ren Ziping and his party visited the National Defense Science and Technology Key Laboratory of Underwater Robotics, the Institute of Metal Materials, the Institute of Corrosion Science and Surface Technology and Harbin Military Memorial Hall.

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