Doctoral Students Degree Awarding Ceremony 2019 Held at QiHang

On March 29th,  Doctoral Students Degree Awarding Ceremony 2019, was held at Teacher Salon of QiHang Activity Center. 47 Doctoral students have been awarded degrees. President YAO Yu  Deputy Secretary of HEU Party Committee, awarded degrees to the doctoral students, congratulated them and had a group photo.

YAO Yu said in his speech that students should be transformed from  a “pursuer” to  “leader” in the field of innovation. They should carry forward the scientific spirit of progressive, pioneering and innovation. Thus, utilizing their potential of innovation by grasping the opportunities for creativity, patriotism and truth-seeking. Simultaneously, they are expected to be bold, taking the initiative, while accomplishing their dreams in a new era. President YAO anticipated three qualities out of the graduates: Firstly, they must have patriotic dedication and sentiments towards their country as they are expected to deeply integrate their development into the great cause of National rejuvenation, development, and social progress. Hence, establishing innovation and confidence, enhancing leadership. They should be determined to make breakthroughs in latest basic research, key generic technology, leading edge technology and disruptive technology. Similarly, doing innovation by making unremitting efforts to build world’s scientific and technological power. Secondly, the students should have the unremitting passion for seeking truth by persisting in exploration and search for truth. Thus, making learning their lifelong pursuit. They are expected to constantly have new perspectives, new insights, new visions by having original and unique academic ideas. They should tackle difficulties bravely, pursue excellence, and firmly grasp the initiative of development in their own hands, to strive for making breakthroughs. Thirdly, they should have the mission of innovation, owning a solid and broad theoretical foundation, as well as systematic and precise expertise. Consequently, they will be able to work independently, acquiring creative achievements.

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