Chinese Government Scholarship Students “Reading China - Longjiang Industry” Outstanding Brand Activity was Held

From May 16th to 17th, Chinese Government Scholarship Students Reading China - Longjiang Industry activityhosted by China Scholarship Council and organized by HEU, was successfully held. 92 Chinese Government Scholarship students from 27 countries of HEU and other 6 universities of Heilongjiang province participated in this activity.

The “Reading China” series of activities, is hosted by China Scholarship Council. Many universities from all over the country apply to undertake it. Since 2015, this activity has enhanced the comprehension of Chinese students about the topics of China’s Education, Economy, Science and Technology, culture, society and ecological environment. The exchanges and interactions between international students and the Chinese people have promoted students' understanding of China, their integration in it and their love for China. This activity has promoted the commonwealth of the people and has long lasting significance.

Since 2016, our school has hosted 6 different-themed Reading China activities. More than 600 Chinese Government Scholarship students from 12 universities of our province, has attended the activity.

The “Longjiang Industry” activity, has been administered by the China Scholarship Council, being recognized as an excellent brand. More than ten media channels have reported the event and dozens of media channels have promoted the matter. Social influence has been extensive and has achieved good outcomes and evaluation.

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