Cold Zone and Polar Special Equipment Industry Development Theme Docking Exchange Activity Held at HEU

On May 17, during the 19th China Harbin International Equipment Manufacturing Expo, the theme of “Cold Zone and Polar Special Equipment Industry Development Docking and Exchange Activity”, was held at the Teacher Salon of HEU Qihang Activity Center. The aim of holding this activity is to seize the opportunity develop our country’s Polar Engineering equipment, while practicing the province’s regional, Science and technology industry and cooperation benefits with Russia. Thus, achieving greater success in the strategic layout of the National Polar Equipment industry development. As a “strategically new territory”, the Polar region is the core strategic region for safeguarding China's overall security. It is the target area for the construction of Silk Road on ice. It is connected to the construction of the community of human destiny. Polar Engineering Equipment is an essential source and way, to acknowledge China’s Polar strategy. The development of the Cold Zone and the Polar special equipment industry is an important measure for our province to further promote the implementation of the spirit of the Northeast Revitalization Symposium. Hence, rendering services in the construction of, “One Belt, One Road” by promoting the high-quality development of Longjiang economy.

LI Haoyan, Deputy Director of the Provincial Committee for Military and Civil Integration, presided the activity.

Vice President GAO Wanxin delivered a speech. He briefly introduced the history and characteristics of HEU and the achievements in the field of Polar Equipment. He said that HEU is willing to work with universities, enterprises and research institutes inside, as well as outside our province to provide innovative driving force for the development of the cold belt and Polar Equipment industry in Heilongjiang Province. Thus, contributing in the development of the National Polar industry.

XUE Yanzhuo, Dean of the College of Shipbuilding Engineering, related experts and scholars from Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin First Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Aerospace Haiying (Harbin) Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., and Zhongke Zhongrui (Harbin) Clean Energy Co., Ltd. , delivered important speeches, respectively.

Participants conducted a comprehensive session of discussion.

Our school has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Harbin First Machinery Group Co., Ltd.; Meanwhile, Aerospace Haiying (Harbin) Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. and China Engineering Physics Research Institute Ningbo Zhongwu Lituo Micro-materials Co., Ltd, also signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The participants declared that they would inspire each other and work together to make greater contributions in accelerating the development of Heilongjiang Province’s Cold Zone and Polar Engineering Equipment industry clusters. Simultaneously, they will contribute in improving the level and capabilities of independent research, development, construction and application of China’s Cold Zone, Polar Engineering and Equipment technology.

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