The 48 Latest Scientific and Technological Achievements of HEU Showed at the 19th Harbin International Equipment Manufacturing Expo

From May 16th to 18th, Heilongjiang Province Equipment Manufacturing Expo was, held in Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center. 48 Scientific and Technological achievements of our school were displayed at the exhibition.

HEU’s Scientific and Technological achievements and products were displayed in an intuitive and all-round manner, using graphic panels, live videos, physical objects and models. 

During the exhibition, nearly 10,000 professionals visited the booth of our school and agreed at dozens of preliminary cooperation intentions. This close communication with the “big institution, big factory, and big office” inside and outside the province has further demonstrated the strong Scientific research  strength of HEU. Hence, it has gained the confidence to help Longjiang’s high-quality development.

The 19th China Harbin International Equipment Manufacturing Expo has been hosted by the Heilongjiang Provincial Government and the Harbin Municipal Government. It attracted more than 10 provinces and regions, around 100 companies participated in the exhibition. A total of 10 special exhibition areas were set up. During the exhibition, the docking exchange meeting for the development of the Polar Cold Zone Special Equipment industry, was held at HEU. All the concerned units of the cities (regions), Provincial Government and leaders of relevant universities, attended the meeting.

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