More than 70 Graduate Students of HEU Have Received Funding by National Constructed High-level University Postgraduate Scholarship Program

Recently, the China Scholarship Council has announced the list of students enrolled in the National High-Level University Postgraduate Scholarship Program of 2019.Total 74 graduate students of HEU have received financial support by this program. Amongst them, 68 doctoral students are joint PhD students while, 6 are PhD students. The number of students enrolled in foreign high-level universities, out of the top 200 in Qs, accounts for 60% of the total number of admissions. The total number of students admitted and those admitted in the top 200 universities in the QS rankings, both have acquired a high record in HEU.


The National Constructed High-level University Postgraduate Scholarship Program, is an integral part of the international postgraduate education in HEU. It is also one of the crucial ways in the improvement of the quality of postgraduate training, in order to achieve the goal of development of a top class university. In the past few years, this program has been benefitting more and more graduate students of HEU. Consequently, not only enriching the students' study and research experience , but also enhancing the ability of scientific research and innovation. It has also broadened the international academic vision by enhancing the students' love of our university.

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