CCTV Broadcast HEU's 2019 Enrollment Highlights on “First Time”

On June 13th, China Central Television’s second set of financial channels, “First Time”, introduced Harbin Engineering University to the candidates and parents nationwide

 in their program, “Enrollment for College Entrance Examination” for 8 minutes.


The program introduced the brilliant history, remarkable achievements and distinctive features of HEU. It has been running for more than 60 years. Simultaneously, the program also projected HEU’s strong technical reserves in the fields of sea, ship and Nuclear along with its contribution in personnel training, scientific research and National strategic support. Furthermore, the program highlighted HEU’s enrollment in 2019 including the characteristics of training of the innovative talents. It focused on two new majors of Marine Robotics and Robotics Engineering; interpreting HEU’s enrollment policy and personnel training plan for this year. The program also introduced the Science and Technology team, Electronic Vision Association of the Sci-Tech Creation Team, which has won the 2018 International Underwater Robot Competition Champion, as well as the public service facilities related to the students such as; canteens and libraries.


In 2019, HEU will further promote large-scale enrollment and training. The university plans to enroll 4200 students in 31 provinces (districts and municipalities) in 24 undergraduate majors (categories).


Two new undergraduate majors, Marine Robot and Robot Engineering, have been added to enroll students in Marine Engineering and Automation, respectively. In the aspect of training top innovative talents, four Innovative Talent Training Experimental Classes are set up: Chen Gen Class, Ship Marine Class, Ship Power Class and Nuclear Creation Class. The experimental class adopts the method of additional tests after the freshmen enter school, comprising of the best ones.


In the process of training, HEU will carry out the Individualized Personnel Training program and adopt small classes of famous teachers teaching. Every student will be guided by individual tutors and would be provided with the individual scholarship and financial aid. Priority would be given to providing opportunities for studying abroad, and all students in the experimental class, meeting the criteria for promotion and exemption would be recommended to study for master’s degree without examination.

HEU’s official WeChat public number “Harbin Engineering University”, has released the video having the title, “The Legend of the Blue Sea? CCTV’s ‘First Time’ Pick HEU!”. It has been followed by teachers, students, alumni and parents of students, who are actively forwarding it and commenting on it. The video has got 17,000 views in 3 hours and more than 40 messages.


CCTV Broadcast link: I am waiting for you and your dream in HEU

HEU Official WeChat public number link: The Legend of the Blue Sea? CCTV's ‘first time’ pick HEU!


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