HEU and China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Signed Scientific Research Cooperation Agreement and Established Joint Laboratory

On June 12th, the signing ceremony of the scientific research cooperation agreement between HEU and China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and the opening ceremony of the joint laboratory were held in HEU. LI Dingcheng, Member of the Party group and Deputy General Manager of China National Nuclear Corporation, attended and unveiled the ceremony. HEU Vice President ZHANG Zhijian met visitors in the conference room in the main building.


Vice President ZHANG signed the Agreement on Scientific Research Cooperation in the Field of Advanced Nuclear Energy Technology on behalf of HEU and LIU Wei, General Manager of CNPE Co., Ltd. On the basis of the original cooperation, the two sides will carry out concrete cooperation in the fields of microreactor technology, intelligent fault diagnosis and health management of nuclear power plants, and large data application of nuclear power plants.


Vice President ZHANG and General Manager LI jointly unveiled the joint thermal-hydraulic Laboratory for the containment of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and the school. The laboratory was established based on cooperation between the two sides in the research and development of the passive containment heat export system for “Hualong One” to further deepen and expand related research.


General Manager LI said that China National Nuclear Corporation will continue to increase cooperation with universities to meet the needs of building a small core, big collaboration system of scientific and technological innovation. He pointed out that the signing of cooperation agreements and the co-construction of laboratories with HEU are the concrete implementation of deepening cooperation between the two sides. Moreover, the corporation will co-construct the research on nuclear safety and simulation technology of China's nuclear industry with HEU.


Vice President ZHANG said that HEU attaches great importance to cooperation with China National Nuclear Corporation and will do its best to do all the work of the Institute to make due contributions to the development of China's nuclear science and technology industry.

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