The Chairman of Aero Engine Corporation of China Cao Jianguo Visited HEU

On July 10th, Cao Jianguo the Chairman of Aero Engine Corporation of China, visited the school. The principal Yao Yu, accompanied him to visit the HEU Memorial Hall and the laboratories of the Power and Energy Engineering Lab Building.


Cao Jianguo learnt about the development history and working aspects of our school. He was briefed about results of the scientific research on the ship’s power. He said that it is essential for both sides to cooperate in basic research of the fields of Aero-engine simulation design, key component research and development, integration test verification, etc. Thus, the excellent team of our school and the research institutes and affiliates of Aero Engine Corporation of China could jointly explore the new model of “School-enterprise cooperation having mutual benefits”. Hence, laying the foundation for a comprehensive collaboration between Aero Engine Corporation of China and our school.


Yao Yu said that the school would further establish its resources in Science, Technology and talents, and would join the resources of Aero Engine Corporation of China in order to achieve a win-win situation. Consequently, offering collaboration in the personnel training, scientific research and other aspects by making its due contributions to the development of China’s Aero Engine industry.


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