The “The Ice Silk Road” Economic Outlook Seminar was Held at HEU

On July 26th, the “Ice Silk Road” economic outlook seminar, was held in the Shipbuilding Engineering building of our school. The seminar focused on the economic issues of the “Ice Silk Road, such as; the infrastructure, the development of transportation and the economic revitalization of the Northeast China. Thus, comprehensively analyzing the current development status of the Ice Silk Road from the perspective of the government, enterprises, media and universities. It has bright prospects for the government policy promotion, enterprise future development, media participation and university research direction.


The seminar was jointly organized by the College of Shipbuilding Engineering of HEU, China Waterborne Transport Research Institute, the Institute of Polar Navigation and Safety of Dalian Maritime University, the Key Laboratory of Polar Equipment Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Heilongjiang Collaborative Innovation Center of Polar Technology and Equipment and the Arctic Blue Economy Research Center.

More than 20 experts and scholars from China COSCO Shipping Co., Ltd., “Belt and Road” Office of Heilongjiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, China Waterborne Transport Research Institute, Eurasian Institute of Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Xinhua News Agency, Dalian Maritime University, Shanghai Maritime University, Dalian University of Technology and Shenzhen University, attended the seminar and delivered significant speeches. The relevant leaders and teachers of the Institute of Scientific Research, the College of Shipbuilding Engineering and the School of Economics and Management of our school, attended the seminar.


Li Zhenfu, a professor at Dalian Maritime University, introduced the spatial distribution and types of China’s coastal ports attracted by the “Ice Silk Road” cargo, combining the cargo capacity of China's coastal ports with the economic development of the surrounding areas of the port. Hence, achieving comprehensive port conditions assessment and classification. He demonstrated the development prospects in the Arctic shipping field; proposing the establishment of “International Alliance for the Promotion of the Ice Silk Road” to improve the compilation of Polarology and to establish the Ocean Big Data Platform.


Gao Tianming, Director of the Arctic Blue Economy Research Center of our school, proceeded from the Sino-Russian “Ice Silk Road” program and path, sorting out the development of shipping and Arctic-related industries in the Russian Arctic. Thus, dividing the main areas of the Polar Technology industry cluster. He also put forward the ideas of the National Polar cold zone industrial base construction.


After the meeting, the College of Shipbuilding Engineering organized a visit for the experts, to the Harbin Military Industry University Memorial and the Underwater Robot laboratory.


Recently, the China-Russia Polar Technology and Equipment the Belt and Road joint laboratory of our school has been approved and established. It is the only Sino-Russian cooperation project amongst the 14 joint laboratories and is included in the protocol to the 2019 Twenty-third Regular Session of the Cooperation Subcommittee of Science and Technology of Sino-Russian Prime Minister's Regular Meeting. The Polar region is China's strategic new territory. With China-Russia Polar Technology and equipment Belt and Road joint laboratory, has its important support, scientific and technological innovation, education and other humanities cooperation and exchange as the carrier. Consequently, accelerating the formation of Polar Technology Innovation and equipment development capabilities. From the perspective of the Polar economy, this seminar is of great significance in promoting the construction of the Ice Silk Road and the Belt and Road initiative. Henceforth, actively promoting regional economic development as well as, the economic revitalization of Heilongjiang.

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