CHEN Anli, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee, Head of the Organization Department, Along with his Delegation Visited HEU for Investigation

On November 15, CHEN Anli, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party committee, head of the Organization Department and 8 other people visited HEU to investigate the work of Party building, faculty building, talent training, etc.SHEN Lin, Deputy Secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Provincial Party committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party group of the Provincial Education department, ZHANG Yilong, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party committee, GAO Yan, Secretary of the University Party committee, YAO Yu, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and President, accompanied them in their investigation and attended the symposium.


GAO Yan and YAO Yu, respectively, introduced our University’s history, characteristics, scale, Party construction, disciplines, personnel training, scientific research, faculty construction and other aspects. Afterwards, they put forward suggestions regarding the establishment of a regular communication and coordination mechanism between HEU and the local government.


After the work brief, CHEN Anli highlighted that Harbin Engineering University is a significant talent training and scientific research base in the field of “three seas and one Nuclear.” Moreover, HEU has inherited the prestigious brand of red gene and has been making important contributions to the modernization of our National defense. She said that HEU should thoroughly study and implement General Secretary XI Jinping’s important exposition on Party building, ideological and political work in Colleges and Universities. Henceforth, working together to complete responsibilities and strengthening coordination in accordance with the Central Committee’s notification requirements for Party building responsibilities in subordinate universities and colleges. Thus, formulating a clear pattern of clear responsibilities in orderly and efficient party building.She further pointed out that we need to seriously carry out the theme education of “never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”, focusing on four key measures; to reflect the actual effect on accelerating the construction of “two first-class” and implementing the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating people. Simultaneously, we should utilize our advantages of talent training base to its full potential, improving talent supporting policies, building innovation and entrepreneurship platform. Hence, increasing the talent introduction and optimizing the talent team. It is also necessary to inherit the red gene of “PLA Military Institute of Engineering”, to educate and guide students in accomplishing the grass-roots level of experience to make their contributions. Subsequently, providing the talent and intellectual support for the high-quality development of Heilongjiang.


Before the symposium, CHEN Anli and his delegation visited the Harbin Military Industry Memorial Hall, Nuclear Safety and Simulation Laboratory, Underwater Robot Laboratory, Underwater Acoustic Technology Laboratory, etc.

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