The Multi Scale Simulation of Metal Plastic Deformations has Won the National Science and Technology Academic Publication Fund

Recently, the project supported by the National Science and Technology Academic Publication Fund in 2019, has been announced. The Multi-scale Simulation of Metal Plastic Deformation, compiled by Professor JIANG Shuyong of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, was selected successfully.


The book summarizes the original achievements of Professor JIANG Shuyong’s team’s academic research for many years, covering the latest development trends and research results of international related disciplines, reflecting the interdisciplinary intersection and integration, involving; Material Science, Solid Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Computing Science, Mechanical Manufacturing and other related disciplines. Through Macro Finite Element Simulation, Crystal Plastic Finite Element Simulation, Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Simulation and Molecular Dynamics Simulation, the metal plastic deformation mechanism in metal plastic processing has been revealed from macro scale, meso scale, micro scale, nano scale and atomic scale. Thus, providing a scientific theoretical basis for the accurate manufacturing of metal parts.


The National Science and Technology Academic publication fund has been approved by the State Council for the purpose of better implementation of the National Science and Technology policy, and publishing policy, by thoroughly implementing the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s directive spirit of “facing the forefront of the world’s Science and Technology development, fulfilling the trend of Science and Technology development by meeting the massive demands.” It adheres to the development goal of “limited objectives, highlighting key points, creating high-quality products and going to the world.” Hence, it supports basic, advanced and strategic scientific and technological academic works in accordance with the principle of “free declaration, fair competition, expert evaluation and preferential support,” prospering in the Science and Technology publishing industry. Consequently, promoting the implementation of National innovation driven development strategy.


After the expert review and approval of the National Science and Technology academic works publishing Foundation Committee, 201 projects have won the support of the National Science and Technology academic works publishing fund, in 2019.

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