HEU Signed the Talent Training Agreement with COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute

On November 15, our school and COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, held the signing ceremony of the school enterprise talent training cooperation agreement in the Departure Teacher Salon. Both sides will conduct comprehensive cooperation in the graduate talent training. WU Linzhi, member of the Standing Committee and Vice President of  HEU and LIU Shuxin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, attended the signing ceremony.


In his speech, WU Linzhi introduced the school’s characteristics, discipline construction, the talent training objectives and other aspects. He said that COMAC is the main body to implement the large and medium-sized airliner project of the major National large aircraft project. The Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute of China is the design and development center of COMAC. It has undertaken the tasks of aircraft design and development, test and verification, airworthiness certification and key technology research. HEU has become one of the “training bases for civil aircraft design talents” of COMAC. Meanwhile, it will focus on control, electrical, navigation, machinery, communication and other disciplines. Thus, jointly holding the “high end civil aircraft design talents class,” by building the graduate teaching practice base, developing the civil aircraft design courses and teaching materials, etc. Both sides will jointly explore and establish a long-term mechanism of close integration of school enterprise strategic cooperation, by building a new collaborative education system of integration of industry and education, eventually.


LIU Shuxin thanked HEU for its large number of outstanding talents for COMAC, as well as its outstanding contribution to the development of the domestic civil aircraft. He said that both sides will further strengthen the National strategy of “integration in industry and education.” Hence, utilizing the maximum potential of the advantages of HEU and SAIC cooperation in personnel training, by relying on the scientific research resources and disciplinary advantages of HEU, in jointly conducting advanced research and development of new technologies, new topics and new applications. He further pointed out that SAIC will actively strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the University and will also promote fully the detailed integration of industry and education, innovating the school enterprise cooperation mode. Moreover, carrying out comprehensive cooperation in the personnel training, tutor mutual engagement, scientific and technological innovation by striving to achieve complementary advantages, win-win development and contributing positively in the construction of an innovative country, respectively.


The representatives of both sides signed a cooperation agreement on personnel training between HEU and SAIC. Afterwards, they jointly inaugurated the “Civil Aircraft Design Personnel Training base.”


After the signing ceremony, LIU Wei, an alumni of our school who graduated in 1999, presently the Deputy Director of the Electrical Integration Department of SAIC, gave students a wonderful academic lecture on the “Development and Application of Aircraft Power System.”

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