HEU’s Construction of the Intelligent Campus Online Service Center Got Selected Amongst the National Higher Education Information Innovation Application Case Selection

Recently, the selected cases of Higher Education Informatization Innovation Application set (the third series) organized by the Education Informatization branch of China Association of Higher Education, were officially announced. A total of 28 cases have been selected nationwide. “Construction of Intelligent Campus Online Service Center” developed by our school has been successfully selected into the case set, by open collection, preliminary evaluation and selection, writing guidance and expert review. It will be promoted and recommended to other colleges and universities nationwide as an innovative application case.


The Online service center is an important measure for schools to promote “Internet + Campus Services.” It can strengthen the decentralization, open information, optimize service and supervision efficiency. Simultaneously, it is also a significant measure of HEU for the promotion of the construction of a smart campus. This measure has improved the efficiency and transparency of government departments, by replacing the “teachers and students running errands” with “data running errands,” and has transformed the “teachers and students running around” into a “departmental collaboration.”


Intelligent Campus online service center mainly includes: online service center, process monitoring center, post authority management center, “cloud” development center, business and data integration center and other subsystems. Since, the online service center went online in 2016, it has launched more than 260 service items for teachers and students, realizing the coverage of the vast majority of campus service items, achieving “one-stop” to solve most of the information service needs. Furthermore, gradually creating the awareness of “first want to go to the online service center” for the school teachers and students, and developing a good experience of the convenience of the online service center.

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