“Thanks for Having You” Social Award Ceremony Held in University

On the evening of December 4th, 2019, HEU Social Award Ceremony of “Thanks for having you” was held in Qihang theater.At the ceremony, three kinds of scholarships were awarded comprising of ; the Ship Sea Characteristic scholarship, the Kindness scholarship and the Alumni scholarship. These scholarships include 16 items: Longgang inspirational scholarship, China Classification Society scholarship, Harbin Shipbuilding Institute scholarship and 716 Research Institute scholarships. Around 418 students received the social scholarships amounting to 1.349 million yuan and 516 students received the social grants of 500 thousand yuan. Zhijian ZHANG, member of the Standing Committee and the Vice President of UCPC, attended the award ceremony.


At the ceremony, a promotional video, “Lets thank our teachers, you and me” was displayed. Afterwards, the students’ representative read out the proposal of “Lets thank our teachers, you and me” in 2019. Simultaneously, he called upon the college students, to express their gratitude. Moreover, enhancing the communication between teachers and students by cultivating a culture of respecting our teachers.

 In order to commend the contribution made by the charity awarding unit in the development of our school, the awarding unit was awarded the “thank you” Commemorative Plate at the ceremony. The participants presented the scholarship honorary certificate to the winning students.

Bin HUANG, alumni of class 91-711 and assistant director of 716 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation, spoke on behalf of the alumni and donation enterprises. He expressed his strong desire of giving back to his alma mater and also motivated students to be rigorous, pragmatic, diligent and innovative in the great era.

Yingli HUA, the winner of CSSC scholarship and student of Mechanical and Electrical college, spoke on behalf of the winning students and expressed his gratitude towards the school, teachers and sponsoring enterprises.He described his own experience to explain “what to do in college, what kind of people to be after graduation.” He said that the winners are not pursuing achievements or scholarships, but excellence itself. Achievements and scholarships are just excellent accessories. In order to be a good person, we should leave our comfort zone frequently, so that people can grow up. He will never forget the way of thinking and humanistic feelings that the University has brought to him.

On behalf of the University, Zhijian ZHANG expressed his gratitude to the alumni and all sectors of society who have supported the development of higher education since, long. He said that the basic task of the school is to cultivate people with morality and these social awards and bursaries are an act of kindness and love of the school, award-setting units and alumni. Hence, they work together to create a good learning environment and ambience for students’ growth and success. Thus, striving to a certain extent in solving the problem of unbalanced and inadequate learning resources. He encouraged the award-winning students to turn their gratitude into their ambition by becoming talented. Henceforth, study hard, make unremitting efforts, have lofty aspirations, and finally contribute to our society and country.

At the meeting, the Thanksgiving inspirational sitcom “Sunshine Youth” adapted by our students according to the real event, was staged brilliantly. The protagonist of the story is Chi ZHANG, a student of our University. He has donated the scholarship to the Sunshine Love fund of our University multiple times. This fund has been utilized to help students facing family financial issues and critical illness. His love and kindness has become a model around for both teachers and students.


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