HEU and China Shipbuilding Industry System Engineering Research Institute Signed a Comprehensive Strategic Collaboration Agreement and Desen YANG Got Appointed as the “Double Academician”

On November 19, the signing of a comprehensive strengthening strategic collaboration agreement of HEU with China Shipbuilding System Engineering Research Institute and the ceremony of “double appointment of academicians”, was held in Yongfeng Scientific Research Base of China Shipbuilding System Engineering Research Institute.

Yan GAO, Secretary of the Party committee of the University, Desen YANG, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of the school of Underwater Acoustics, Guihua XIA, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Duanfeng HAN, member of the Standing Committee and Vice President of the Party committee, Hongjun ZHANG, President of the China Academy of Ship Industry System Engineering, Dongjun WANG, Secretary of the Party committee, Yuhong WAN, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Fuli HUANG, deputy director of the Institute, and Yuanan HE, chief expert of the Innovation Center of Marine Safety System of National Defense Science and Technology industry, attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Yan GAO and Hongjun ZHANG signed the agreement on comprehensively strengthening strategic collaboration on behalf of both sides. According to the agreement, both sides will closely focus on the major strategic needs of the country and the development strategies of both sides. Thus, working on the basis of the early 30-year cooperation, in line with the principle of “strategic cooperation, complementary advantages, collaborative innovation and common development,” giving full play to their respective advantages in the field of technology research and Engineering application. Hence, strengthening the cooperation and exchange, by finally jointly building a long-term, stable and efficient technological research collaboration in personnel training and other mechanisms.


Dongjun WANG, on behalf of China Shipbuilding Industry System Engineering Research Institute, signed the agreement of dual appointment of academicians with Yang Desheng.

Yan GAO said that both sides have a glorious history and a red gene, having important contributions towards the modernization of National defense and the armed forces in the development of a strong maritime power. Simultaneously, both sides have good momentum and concept of development, as well as a solid foundation for cooperation and profound friendship. He anticipates that both sides would take this opportunity to sign a comprehensive and detailed strategic cooperation agreement. Furthermore, taking academician Desen YANG, would act as a bridge to meet the National strategic and National defense industry needs. Subsequently, actively promoting the detailed development of cooperation between the two sides, along with the future development of the National shipbuilding industry, by jointly planning and working together.


Hongjun ZHANG said that both sides share the same National mission and feelings of military industry, so the cooperation has strong bonding. He expects to deepen strategic cooperation in an all-round way this time, so as to jointly build a larger cooperation platform, by forming a “1 + 1 > 2” joint force. Thus, finally realizing the resource sharing and complementary advantages, by working together for development, overall situation and future.


Desen YANG has reviewed the close cooperation with CSIS over the past 30 years. He said that based on the advantages of the school’s characteristics, he will work with China Shipbuilding Industry System Engineering Institute, to find new growth points for the shipbuilding industry and would ultimately contribute to China’s fight to speak up in the international arena.


The comprehensive strengthening strategic cooperation agreement signed this time and academician Desen YANG’s appointment as the “double hired academician” are important achievements for stronger cooperation between both sides. Henceforth, bringing new opportunities and greater impetus for the high-quality coordinated development of both sides.


Accompanied by Hongjun ZHANG and Dongjun WANG, Yan GAO and his delegation visited some of the laboratories of China Shipbuilding Industry System Engineering Research Institute.

China Shipbuilding Industry System Engineering Research Institute was founded in 1970, it is subordinate to China Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation. It is the first military scientific research unit that applies system Engineering theory and method in the development of Naval equipment technology and has named “System Engineering” for the first time in China. It is also the first initiator of “smart ocean” project. It has the only system level innovation in the National defense Science and Technology industry The new center is also responsible for many tasks of National major special projects, and has completed the supply of more than 1000 sets of systems and equipment for multiple ships. The research institute bears the mission of building a strong Navy and serving the country. Meanwhile, it gathers the industrialization strength of subsidiaries, having the multi-disciplinary, multi field scientific research capabilities and multi-location layout. Thus, forming a whole industrial chain structure from R&D, design, testing to product production and after-sales. The structure covers three levels: system research and top-level planning, system comprehensive integration and system core equipment development. It accelerates industrial development in General Aviation, Intelligent Technology, Global Navigation operation service, software simulation big data, think tank service, Navigation, Ocean Exploration and other directions. Hence, providing customized package solutions, integrated system integration, one-stop product support and one-stop service guarantee. Presently, it has become the center of Naval equipment construction and National Marine equipment industry Strong power.

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