Our School Won the Outstanding Organization Award for the First China Graduate Artificial Intelligence Innovation Contest

From November 22nd to 25th, the National Finals of the “Intel Cup” First China Graduate Artificial Intelligence Innovation Contest, was held in Deqing County, Zhejiang Province. Total 55 teams qualified for the National Finals. The work “Design of Deep Water Horizontal Connector Pressure Cap” monitored by Kuan LUAN, a teacher of the College of Automation and designed by the student Hao YUAN, won the third prize, Simultaneously, HEU won the excellent organization award.


The contest has been guided by the Ministry of Education’s Degree and Graduate Education Development Center and is hosted by the Youth Science and Technology Center of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, organized by the Zhejiang University. A total of 15 teams from our school participated in the contest. In accordance with the organization model of “school-led, college-subject, subject-coordinated”, HEU supports the students’ participation by establishing the innovative practice links. Hence, nurturing the potential teams, by conducting school-enterprise collaborative education, hosting competitions and giving funding support.


This contest is based on the concept of “AI empowers innovation and leadership”, by focusing on the theme of artificial intelligence innovation. Thus, it aims to further stimulate graduates’ innovative consciousness, by improving the innovation and practical ability, focusing on the training innovation of the composite and application high-end talents. Subsequently, providing support in the healthy development of the artificial intelligence.

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