The College of Automation Won the “May Fourth Cup”

From November 30th to December 1st, the “May Fourth Cup” Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, was held in the Sunshine Hall of the Qihang Activity Center in 2019.The College of Automation won the “May Forth Cup.” The College of Power and Engineering, the College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering,the College of Shipbuilding Engineering, the College of Economic and Management, won the “You Sheng Cup”. While, the College of Automation,the College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, the College of Computer Science and Technology, the College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering and the College of Humanities and Social Science, won the “Excellent Organization Award.”

During the competition, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, President Yu YAO, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Guihua XIA, visited the competition. In the exhibition area, the school leaders listened to the project design concept, working principle and innovation point made by some outstanding project leaders. The School leaders interacted with them on the application prospects of each project, giving the students encouragement, expressing their appreciation towards the competition organizers and judges.


On December 1st, at the closing ceremony of the competition, Yushan SUN of the Shipbuilding Engineering, Dexin ZHANG of the College of Aerospace Civil Engineering, Liyun FAN of the Power and Engineering ,  Yonggang  ZHANG , Lanyong ZHANG, Rong SUN of the College of Automation , lin GUO of the College of Computer Science and Technology, Yanhong WU of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Wenzhi LIU, Changbo HOU of the College of Information and Communication Engineering, Jianxin ZHU of the College of Economics Management, Yanli WANG of the College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Yan SHEN, Xiaowei ZHANG of the College of Mathematics , Zhihai LIU of the College of Physicsaround 15 teachers were appointed as the head coach of the first batch of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship off-campus competition. Guihua XIA issued the letter of appointment to them. HEU students’ innovation and entrepreneurship web has been also officially launched on the same day.


Our school actively integrates innovation and entrepreneurship education into the whole process of talent training and has made remarkable achievements in the innovation and entrepreneurship. At present, our school is focusing on promoting the 2.0 upgrade plan of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship work, providing support and service to students’ innovation and entrepreneurship practice. Our school attaches importance to the main body of our college, and the dean is the first responsible person of innovation and entrepreneurship education, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee is the direct responsible person. Our school is committed to build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship by sharing and popularizing the successful experience and practice of innovative entrepreneurship. Thus,  sharing the model of college students such as; “E-Wei Association,” so that innovative education benefits all the students. Our school actively strives for external resources to increase the investment to provide financial guarantee for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. Hence, continuing to strengthen the institutional innovation, giving full play to the role of grassroots academic organizations. Simultaneously, encouraging and guiding teachers to participate in the education of innovation and entrepreneurship, by creating a good atmosphere for all the students to participate in the education of innovation and entrepreneurship in the entire school.


 Since September, a total of more than 4,500 people, nearly 1300 works and projects have participated in the “May Forth Cup” Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. As compared to the previous years, this competition used open exhibition, which is convenient for participants to exchange learning. The competition has greatly reduced the number of promotional materials and application materials. Hence, adopting the form of scanning code to obtain work information and developed a network scoring system for work evaluation, making the whole evaluation process more transparent and efficient. As compared to last year’sMay Forth Cup,the competition of this year focuses on the scientific nature and innovation of the works and its appraisal standards refer to the challenge cup appraisal standards. Thus, paying more attention to the degree of completion and application value of the works .

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