We Won 4 Special Awards of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship in Industry and Information Technology”

Recently, the results of the “2018 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship for Industry and Information Technology,” were announced. Jiating XU, PhD student of the College of Materials and Chemistry and Li Tianjiao, team of the College of Communication and Information, won the special prize of innovation scholarship. Moreover, Hansheng LI’s team of the College of Shipping and Xiao HAN’s team of the College of Power, won the special prize of entrepreneurship scholarship. Over all, we won one fifth of the total number of special awards, ranking first amongst the seven universities affiliated with the Ministry.


Jiating XU has published 33 SCI papers regarding the research direction of “the application of rare earth up conversion luminescent nanomaterials in the field of Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment.” Out of which, 2 papers are highly cited by ESI. As the first author, he has published 12 SCI, area I papers and has obtained 5 authorized invention patents.


Tianjiao LI’s team, relying on E-dimension Association, has participated in a number of underwater robot competitions and won the 21st International Underwater Robot Competition as well as, the second place in 2018 China Robot Competition.


Hansheng LI’s team is comprised of seven university doctors. They set up Harbin Deep Technology Development Co., Ltd. through crowdfunding. The company researches and develops Marine Engineering products in China International Diving Exhibition, China International Maritime Exhibition, International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo. Furthermore, they have also won the third “Internet Plus Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” Silver Award and the “Challenge Cup” National Second Prize.


Xiao HAN’s team is committed to the research and development of online education and offline education technology. Up till now, they have obtained 7 software copyrights, 3 trademarks and 4 Book copyrights.


The “innovation and entrepreneurship scholarship for Industry and information technology” has been established by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2016, for seven affiliated universities, having an annual bonus of 15 million yuan. The scholarship is divided into two categories: “innovation scholarship” and “entrepreneurship scholarship.” The innovation scholarship is awarded to the students who have made outstanding achievements in academic innovation, subject competition, scientific and technological invention. While, the entrepreneurship scholarship is awarded to the students who have made outstanding achievements in independent entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial practice.


In 2018, 10 innovation scholarship prizes, 60 first prizes, 140 second prizes, 210 third prizes, 10 entrepreneurship scholarship prizes, 60 first prizes and 70 second prizes were awarded. During this selection, through individual and team application, department recommendation, school level evaluation and other competitions, our school’s award-winning students set an example amongst the majority of young students. Hence, playing the typical leading role.

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