HEU Participated in the Shanghai Maritime Exhibition and Many Projects Attracted the Attention of CCTV and Other Media

From December 3rd to 6th, the China International Maritime Technology Conference and Exhibition, one of the world’s largest and most influential Maritime exhibitions, received media attention. The reporters from CCTV and Science and Technology Daily, spent two days in understanding and interviewing the person in charge of the related project. Thus, conducting a special report about a number of exhibition projects and signing activities.


On December 6th, CCTV’s “Morning New”and “News at Noon”twice covered HEU's Sea Smart Energy Island, Marine Rocking Fins, Polar Air Cushion Ice Breaker and Underwater Motorboat projects in 1 minute and 30 seconds. The  Evening News on December 7, reported again on the school's numerical pool project.


On December 3rd, “Science and Technology Daily “ reported on the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between our school and China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. under the title the School-Enterprise Joint Promotion of Shipbuilding power.”


On December 6th,Science and Technology Daily reported the release of V1.0, the world's first virtual test system for numerical pools, under the title V1.0 edition of China's virtual test system for numerical pools.”


 CCTV,  Heilongjiang Daily,  Northeast Net  and other media at all levels have also reported the activities of our school Maritime exhibition.


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Science and Technology Daily: (December 3rd)


Science and Technology Daily: (December 6th)


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