18 Academicians Joined the Editorial Board of the Journal of Intelligent Systems

Not long ago, the first working meeting of the fourth editorial board of Journal of intelligent systems of Chinese Institute of Industrial Intelligence, was held in Xi’an.


Chinese Institute of Industrial Intelligence Honorary Chairman, Editor-in-Chief, Academician Deyi LI, presided the meeting and Consultant of the Journal, Academician Qin ZHANG of Chinese Association of Science and Technology, attended the meeting. Professor Guihua XIA, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, Honorary Vice Chairman Academician Yike GUO, Academician Fuji REN, Chairman of the 8th Chinese Institute of Industrial Intelligence Academician Qionghai DAI, Vice Chairman Academician Jie CHEN, Professor Hong LIU, Professor Fuchun SUN, Professor GuoyinWANG, Academician Chunjiang ZHAO, and nearly 60 authoritative experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence, such as; Tianzai JIANG, member of the editorial board, attended the meeting.


On the basis of the previous editorial board, the editorial board of the fourth session further expanded the line-up, comprising of 120 experts from domestic and foreign experts on artificial intelligence. Around 18 academicians in the editorial board hold important positions and 28 Yangtze Scholars, 13 Deans of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence/Research Institute, joined the editorial board. While, 23 members of the International Editorial Committee and more than half of the heads of the 45 academic committees of the Society have joined the editorial board.


Guihua XIA said our school will continue to strongly support the development of periodicals, converting the “ Journal of Intelligent Systems” into a brand journal in the field of Intelligent Science.


The person in charge of the editorial board of the Journal of Intelligent Systems, reported in detail on the work of the journal from the aspects of the journal’s development process, important measures, main achievements, development goals and its primary problems.


Editor-in-chief Deyi LI and the participating experts conducted detailed discussions on how to further expand the journal publicity. Hence, promoting the comprehensive competitive strength of the journal, the future direction of the journal development and other issues. The participating experts  commented and gave suggestions for the future development of the journal.

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