Two School-Enterprise Cooperation Cases Selected in “Double Hundred Plan” of China Higher Education Expo As the Typical Cases

Recently, the 54th China Higher Education Expo “School-enterprise Cooperation Double Hundred Plan” typical case selection was held at Nanjing. “HEU - Phoenix Electric Industrial 4.0 Demonstration Innovation Center” by the College of Automation of HEU and “HEU- Antian Practice Base Construction” by the College of Computer Science, stood out amongst more than 1100 cases reported. Around 400 units participated in the “School-Enterprise Cooperation Double Hundred Plan” typical case display and defense.


In order to further strengthen the integration of production/education, school-enterprise cooperation and to promote the organic convergence of education, talent, industry and innovation chain, the China Higher Education Association has launched the China Higher Education Expo “School-enterprise Cooperation Double Hundred Plan.”


“HEU - 'Phoenix Electric' Industrial 4.0 Demonstration Innovation Center” is established by our school and the German Phoenix Electric Company, to provide multi-functional innovation practice platform for the school-related students with hands-on practice, scientific research and innovation exploration. It is an intelligent manufacturing training base for basic training, system training and practical training. Hence, providing an experimental platform and material guarantee for our school to train high-level talents with practical experience and innovative consciousness.


“HEU - Antian Practice Base Construction” teaching practice base conducts comprehensive school-enterprise cooperation in the field of training cyberspace security practical talents. Thus, constructing school-enterprise cooperation practice base and joint training mechanism, by completing professional internship, enterprise internship, graduation design (thesis), school-enterprise co-construction courses, professional internship program design, etc., Henceforth, actively cultivating new types of talents with network security capabilities, and enhancing students’ innovative spirit, practical ability, social responsibility and employability.


In the “School-Enterprise Cooperation Double Hundred Plan” typical case exhibition, our school centers on the theme of “school-enterprise cooperation production and education integration.” Simultaneously, making full use of the display board, road show statement and other forms to do face-to-face exchanges with relevant universities, enterprises and experts about the experience and paradigm of school-enterprise cooperation. Consequently, guiding the students towards innovation, entrepreneurship and school-enterprise cooperation growth points, etc. Furthermore, it shows the achievements of the integration of our school’s production and education, following the model and mechanism of school-enterprise cooperation in various universities and enterprises. Subsequently, promoting the cooperation between schools and enterprises to play a real role in the education level by helping in the intensive development of higher education .

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