We Won Honors of Automation and Artificial Intelligence Award of China Automation Society

On December 7, 2019, “China Automation Society Automation and Artificial Intelligence Award Ceremony and Xuesen QIAN Award,” were held in Hengshui, Hebei Province. Yuxin ZHAO, Shuping LV and Hui WANG, the teachers of Automation College of HEU won the first prize of higher education teaching achievement of China Automation Society. Professor Yonggang ZHANG won the “Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Instructor Award of China Automation Society.” Yulong HUANG, a doctoral student, won the “Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of China Automation Society.”


Yuxin ZHAO, Shuping LV, Hui WANG and the other teachers completed the project of “building a multi-dimensional recursive practice teaching platform and strengthening the cultivation of student’' innovative practice ability.” The project adheres to the talent training concept of “both practice and theory.” Simultaneously, under the guidance of the theory of “big Engineering view,” the project can cultivate students’ level based on practical ability. Moreover, a “multi-dimensional progressive” collaborative practice teaching platform of production, learning and research has been established, which can strengthen the cultivation of students’ innovative practice ability. Additionally, through the establishment of a “student-centered” teaching model and the construction of a “three progressive and one support” innovative practice education work model. Hence, the reform project can form the interaction and coordination of practice platform and innovative education, deep participation of enterprises and scientific research. The widely integrated education environment will eventually form a characteristic advantage for the cultivation of innovative and practical talents.


Yonggang ZHANG has been engaged in the research of Navigation devices and Algorithms, signal processing and information fusion since, a long time. Furthermore, he has undertaken many projects like; NSFC. He has published more than 140 papers, including more than 70 SCI search papers, authorized 16 invention patents and has won 5 Science and technology awards at the provincial and ministerial level. He has also supervised 5 doctoral students and 25 postgraduate students.

Yulong HUANG has done a lot of work in non Gaussian and adaptive state estimation theory, target tracking and cooperative positioning applications. He has published more than 40 academic papers, including 27 international journal papers, 6 automation journal papers and more than 800 Google citations. Moreover, he has won the 11th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award, the 13th China University Student Annual person nomination award, the industry and information technology innovation and entrepreneurship scholarship and other awards. He was selected as the 2019 Xiangjiang scholar.


The Automation and Artificial Intelligence Award of China Automation Society, is selected once a year to promote the scientific and technological progress in the field of Automation in China. Hence, promoting more original achievements in the automation theory and application, by strengthening the cultivation of high-level innovative talents.

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