The Party Member of Ministry of Education, Vice Minister Tiehui WENG Visited Our School for an Investigation

On December 13th, the Party Member of Ministry of Education, Vice Minister Tiehui WENG visited our school to investigate the progress of the construction of “Double Top-Class” along with the ideological and political education of our students. Dayong HONG, the Director of the Department of Degree Management and Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Education, Xiaojie ZHU, the Director of the Department of Ethnic Education of Ministry of Education, Hui WANG, the Director of the Department of Higher Education Students of the Ministry of Education, Dongsheng SUN, the Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province, Guogang ZHAO, the Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Education and Industry Commission, the Director of the Provincial Education Department, the Secretary of the Party Group, Guang ZHAO, Standing Committee of the Party Committee, as well as members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of HEU and the President’s assistant, attended the research symposium.


At the symposium, Yu YAO, the President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of HEU, taking “focusing on the characteristic advantages and serving the national strategy” as the theme, made a report on the construction of “Double Top-Class” from the four aspects of our school’s general situation comprising of: the “Double Top-Class” construction initiative, the main results, the shortcomings and the improvement.


After listening to the report, Tiehui WENG said that Harbin Engineering University inherits the red gene and has the distinctive characteristics of running the school, making important contributions and providing strong support for the national defense construction as well as, the national defense cutting-edge talent training. WENG fully appreciated and recognized all of our school’s achievements including; our school’s adherence to the fundamental of enhancing morality, the core of talent training ability. Hence, serving the two major areas of Shipbuilding and Nuclear industry, by promoting three major projects of discipline’s research, training teachers and international cooperation. Thus, helping around the construction of “Double Top-Class” disciplines, “One, two, three, four construction system of Double Top-Class” construction’s four directions. Moreover, including the layout of ships and Marine equipment, Marine information, Ship power, advanced Nuclear energy and Nuclear safety.


WENG put forward four requirements for the “Double Top-Class” construction of our school. Firstly, we must always take talent training as the top priority, the quality of talent training as the primary evaluation index of the “Double Top-Class” construction. We should further implement the fundamental task of enhancing morality, carry forward the spirit and tradition of the military industry and continuously improve the quality and level of personnel training. We should also firmly grasp the foundation of undergraduate education and continue to strengthen the postgraduate education.


Secondly, we should earnestly carry out the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Jinping XI at the symposium of teachers in the ideological and political theory course, by actively improving the curriculum system of ideological and political theory. Hence, strengthening the construction of ideological and political courses and curriculums, promoting the same direction of professional and political courses and improving the quality of ideological and political education in ideological and political courses and colleges. The students’ ideological and political work will be done in depth and effectively and the theory will be told deeply and convincingly. Thus, students can use Marxist point of view to analyze and solve the problem, making full use of the valuable spiritual wealth of the military industry, forming a full, all-round, whole process of educating people of the “three full education” system and improving the “three full education” pattern.

Thirdly, we should further strengthen the construction of disciplines and scientific research. Consequently, we will vigorously improve the level of first-class discipline construction, especially to expand basic disciplines related to the dominant by supporting the construction of disciplines. We should closely work around the service of

National Maritime power, Science and Technology and strong military strategic needs, aiming at the international frontier be carrying out major scientific research. Thus, striving to achieve the industry’s key core technology research and development breakthrough, by making due contributions to the local economic development of Longjiang.


Fourthly, we should strengthen the discipline governance system, governance ability and personnel team construction, through the introduction and education, reforming the personnel compensation system, optimizing the allocation of resources and other measures to solve the discipline construction problems.


Dayong HONG put forward some constructive suggestions about our school discipline construction and personnel training by the combining it with practical work.


Before the symposium, Tiehui WENG and her team conducted the field research and visited the Key Laboratory of Underwater Robotics Technology.

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