HEU 5G Campus Official launch Ceremony in Collaboration with China Unicom was Held

On December 13, the 5G Campus launch ceremony of Harbin Engineering University and China Unicom, was held in the Teacher Salon of the Sailing Activity Center. Zhijian ZHANG, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President, attended the ceremony. During, this ceremony, Zhijian ZHANG and Chunyan LI, the Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Heilongjiang Branch, clicked the big screen together. Hence, opening up the launch ceremony of  “Harbin Engineering University China Unicom 5G Campus.”


At the ceremony, Zhijian ZHANG elaborated that the school had complied with the trend of the times and has timely put forward a new idea of 5G smart campus construction. The school has signed a cooperation agreement with China Unicom, to jointly build the 5G campus. Relying on 5G’s large bandwidth, massive access, high reliability and low delay network capabilities, HEU will open up a new era of smart campus. This will provide more intelligent services and support for the study, work and life of teachers and students of the whole University. Moreover, it will also provide a new platform by instilling a new momentum for the work of production, study and research, as well as scientific and technological innovation for the students.


Chunyan LI said that the Internet campus is gradually moving towards a new dimension of intelligent personalized education. The 5G campus will use technology innovation to enhance the existing content and mode of education information. Thus, to build a smart education support environment having full network access, resource access and application flexibility.


At the main venue of the press conference, by connecting the branch venues of the Computer College, the Information College, the Automation College and the outdoor 5G mobile telecast cars, the representatives of teachers and students shared the ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency and ultra-high reliability, brought by the 5G campus application experience.

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