Congratulations to “Shandong Ship” Joining and Two Ships Showing Again on the Military Playground

On December 18th, the first domestic carrier Shandong ship of our country was delivered to the Navy at a military port in Sanya. In the CCTV news webcast, Jinping XI, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and President of China Central Military Commission (CMC),held a cordial meeting with the following representatives of HEU’s alumni including: the representative of the carrier construction unit, our school’s 1979 alumni, the National People’s Congress, the Party Committee Secretary of the Shipbuilding Group, and the chairman Zheng LIU, 1981 alumni of our school, the National Model Worker, the National May 1st Labor Medal Winner Yongjin LU, the Deputy Director of 704 Research Institute of Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, 1985 alumni and the Director of China Shipbuilding Industry No. 703 Research Institute, Feng LIN and others.

 On December 19th, in order to celebrate the entry of the first domestic aircraft carrier, more than 400 teachers and students from the College of Shipbuilding Engineering, the College of Automation, the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the College of Material Science and Engineering, along with the Student Union, Organ Party Committee Jiaolong Volunteer Pioneer, gathered again. Two Aviation “snow ships” were built in the playground of HEU. 

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