16 Majors of HEU have Entered the First Batch of First-class Undergraduate Major Construction Ranks

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the notice on the list of National and Provincial first-class undergraduate professional construction sites in 2019. Moreover, the list of construction points of “double ten thousand plan” (Naional and Provincial first-class undergraduate majors) for the construction of first-class undergraduate majors in 2019 was officially announced. 16 majors have been selected in our university. The national first-class undergraduate majors include 11 majors, such as: Ship and Ocean Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering, Marine Engineering, Automation, Underwater Acoustic Engineering, Computer science and technology, mechanical design and manufacturing and Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Industrial and Commercial Management, Nuclear Engineering and Technology, Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering. While, the provincial first-class undergraduate majors include: Engineering Mechanics, Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments, Communication Engineering, Port Channel and Coastal Engineering, Nuclear Chemical Industry and Nuclear Fuel Engineering.


The “double 10000 plan” for the construction of first-class undergraduate majors implemented by the Ministry of Education will build about 10000 national first-class undergraduate majors and 10000 provincial first-class undergraduate majors in 2019-2021. According to the management measures for undergraduate majors of HEU, HEU continuously optimizes the layout of majors. With the goal of international substantial equivalent certification of professional personnel training quality and entering the national “first-class professional double 10000 plan.” Thus, with the pilot project of Engineering education professional certification and professional comprehensive reform as the starting point, we will continue to strengthen the construction of professional connotation and improve the level of professional education.


In order to fully implement the spirit of the National education conference, the National Undergraduate Education Conference in the new era and the Fourth Party Congress of the University, in June 2019, HEU has issued the action plan for building a first-class undergraduate education. The basic principle of the plan is to adhere to the overall promotion, the student center, the problem orientation and the continuous improvement. Hence, 40 specific measures have been defined for the cultivation of the first-class undergraduate talents from six aspects: based on the first-class goal positioning, building the first-class teaching staff, gathering the first-class teaching resources, implementing the first-class training standards, building the first-class education mechanism and building the first-class quality culture. The program can make students “willing to learn, like to learn and take the initiative to learn” teachers actively design and devote themselves to teaching and be good at reform and management and service personnel “listen to teachers and students, trust them and serve them.” 


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