Two International Cooperative Training Programs of HEU Got Approval of the China Scholarship Committee

Recently, the China Scholarship Committee announced the funding list of the 2020 international cooperative training project for innovative talents. HEU’s project of “International cooperation training in the field of innovative talents in the area of Portuguese, Portuguese Ship and Marine Engineering, got approval.


In 2019, 222 projects were declared nationwide, out of which 138 new projects were selected and 30 projects have been approved for three years. Since 2015, HEU has got approval of nine National innovative talents international cooperation training projects. Hence, our total number of approved projects rank the highest in China.


Professor Yanzhuo XUE, head of the international cooperative training program for innovative talents in the Sino Portuguese Shipping and Offshore Engineering field, is the project in charge. The project collaborates with the University of Lisbon in Portugal and relies on the “Joint Laboratory for international cooperation in Ship and Marine Engineering Technology” of the Ministry of Education. HEU will send excellent doctoral students and young teachers to jointly collaborate and exchange visits. Thus, cultivating the outstanding talents with a broad international vision, latest frontier knowledge, high-level scientific research ability and development of ship and ocean fields.


Yonggang ZHANG, a Professor of Automation College, is the project in charge of the leading talents training project of Control Science and Engineering internationalization research.” The project works with the University of Sheffield in the UK. HEU will send excellent doctoral students and young teachers to conduct joint training and exchange visit. Henceforth, promoting innovative, short-lived and composite international talents of Control Science and Engineering.


Since 2014, CSC has set up and implemented the “International cooperation training program for innovative talents.” It aims to focus on the urgently needed professional fields of the National strategy and  implement the “top-notch” talent training to fill the gap in the international talent training in their specific professional fields.


The number of international cooperative training programs for innovative talents would continue to grow, by further accelerating the cooperation and exchange between HEU and world-class universities. Furthermore, building an international platform for graduate training, by ultimately enhancing the international level and  influence of HEU.

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