More Than 70 Marine Experts Gathered at HEU to Analyze and Direct the Development of Marine Engineering Disciplines

Recently, the first-level discipline code of Marine Engineering was approved by the NSFC and got included in the 2020 Guidelines of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Commissioned by the National Natural Science Foundation of China on December 27th, our school organized the Marine Engineering Research Direction and Keyword Revision Seminar in the Ship Building. More than 70 experts and scholars in the field of ship and sea from 30 universities, research institutes of the country, jointly discussed the Marine Engineering declaration code under the research direction and keywords.

Duanfeng HAN, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice-President of HEU, said in his speech that the addition of the declaration code for the first level of the Marine Engineering (E11) of the National Natural Science Foundation of China is of great significance. Hence, having far-reaching impact, marking the entry of the discipline of Ship and Marine Engineering into a new stage of development. Our school looks forward to working with experts and scholars to make newer and greater contributions to the strategy of Marine power.

During the one-day seminar, the participating experts worked together and conducted detailed discussions, exchanged reviews of the first-level code declaration work of Marine Engineering disciplines and the related work requirements. The experts were divided into five groups in five directions: Marine Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Shipbuilding Engineering, Marine Technology, Navigation and Maritime revision program and discussed the revision of key words. The relevant departments of our school, the teacher representatives of the colleges actively participated in the seminar.


In the 2020 Guide of the National Natural Science Foundation, the addition of E11 Marine Engineering first-level Discipline code under the Department of Engineering and Materials is of landmark significance for the development of Marine Engineering disciplines. Thus, providing more favorable development space for basic scientific research in the field of Marine disciplines, which will certainly give birth to a strong impetus to the development of Marine disciplines. It provides more powerful support for speeding up the construction of China’s “Ocean power” and discipline construction.


In the recent years, with the proposal of China’s “Ocean power” strategy, the field of Marine Engineering disciplines is developing rapidly and the research team is growing. The National Natural Science Foundation of China has been increasing and the discipline and research direction has been expanding. With the new growth points of disciplines emerging, in order to adapt to the new development situation of Marine Engineering disciplines, uniting with the relevant important research institutes and universities in the industry, relying on the fund of the directors of the three NSFC directors. Henceforth, our school constantly supplements and improves the code, research direction and key words of Marine Engineering disciplines, which promotes the development of China’s Marine-related basic scientific research work and provides support for accelerating the construction of China’s “ocean power” and discipline construction. In 2019, our school led the project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China to “Accelerate the Construction of the Development Strategy and Subject Layout of Marine Power under the Coast and Marine Engineering Disciplines.”

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