Top ten news of Harbin Engineering University in 2019

1. Our HEU's theme education of never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind has achieved remarkable results and strong repercussions. The central media praised the new practice of promoting education by Party building 

During the period of theme education, the UCPC firmly grasps the focus of theme education in HEU, ensures that the four measures of theme education are carried out in an integrated way, and ensures that the theme education is effectively covered by all Party organizations at all levels. According to the deployment of the HEU, 133 teaching and administrative staff party branches and more than 1800 party members of the HEU have completed more than 170 kinds of voluntary service activities, with a total of more than 400 hours of service. Thousands of students benefited. Xinhua News Agency Clients, Guangming Daily and other state-level media focus on the new achievements of the HEU in promoting education through Party building. The HEU makes good use of national day education resources to ensure that the theme education achieves solid results. 


2. The Party group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology carried out an inspection tour to the Party committee of HEU, and implemented the main responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party. 

From May 14 to July 11, the inspection team of the Party Group of the Ministry carried out an inspection tour to the Party Committee of HEU. On October 16, the inspection team of the Party Group of the Ministry fed back the inspection opinions to the Party Committee of HEU. The Party committee of HEU was deeply alert, specialized in research, detailed in tasks, sorted out and refined 38 specific problems in response to the feedback of inspection, and determined 125 rectification measures. HEU launched the political patrol in the school, set up three patrol groups, drew nearly 30 party members and cadres, and carried out the first batch of patrol work in five units. 


3. The strategy of giving priority to the development of talents was implemented, and the action plan for the construction of the first-class team of Harbin Engineering University was issued.

On November 14, the talent 20 was officially issued, aiming to break down the ideological barriers of talent development, so as to form a good situation of continuous emergence of good teachers. HEU has completed the fourth round of teacher recruitment with high quality and introduced 95 teachers, of which 63% are doctors from overseas and key universities. Ten professors have been selected into various national leading talent programs such as Yangtze River Scholar Distinguished Professor, National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, National Defense Science and Technology Outstanding Young Talents Fund, etc. Eight people were selected into the foreign professional program of overseas high level talent support plan. More than 20 people have been selected into various provincial and ministerial talent plans. 11 teams were selected into the Touyan plan of Heilongjiang Province. 


4. The spirit of the national education conference has been implemented, and personnel training has been transformed into connotative development.

During the year, HEU issued 40 projects and defined 40 specific measures to cultivate first-class undergraduate talents. In addition, HEU also continued to improve the undergraduate teaching quality assurance system. Two national innovative talents international joint training projects have been added, with the total number of approved projects ranking the top five in China; two engineering doctoral training categories of machinery and energy power and two specialties of Marine Robotics and Robotics Engineering have been added in HEU. The first employment rate of HEU is the highest in the province. E-dimension Team successfully defended the title in the international underwater robot competition. HEU holds the first winning cup in the Challenge Cup Competition, realizing the breakthrough of from zero to one in Heilongjiang Province.


5. HEU's 43 project achievements from 6 advantageous disciplines were presented at the Maritime Exhibition and won the National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award.

From December 3 to 6, 43 project achievements from six advantageous disciplines of Ship and Ocean Engineering, Marine New Energy, Ship Power Engineering, Marine Information, Marine New Materials and Marine Polar Science were presented at the Maritime Exhibition. During this period, 1.0 version of the virtual test system for China's numerical water pool was released. During the year, Academician Shi-e YANG was awarded the most beautiful science and technology worker in Heilongjiang Proveince, and Academician Desen YANG was awarded the Highest Science and Technology Award in Heilongjiang Province. Aman ZHANG won the second prize of national technology invention. One person won the grand prize of National Defense Science and Technology Progress and top ten innovators of National Defense Science and Technology Year. 


6. HEU actively expanded external school running resources and created a sea port serving national strategy.

On September 6, 2019, HEU issued the outline of Qingdao Innovation and Development Base construction plan and Yantai Graduate School construction plan. In 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education, the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province and the People's Government of Harbin Municipality jointly issued the opinions on jointly building Harbin Institute of technology and Harbin Engineering University, marking that our university has officially become a double first-class University jointly built by four departments. HEU has further promoted cooperation and co construction with Hainan Province and Sansha City, and established the South China Sea Innovation and Development Base. 


7. HEU has promoted the construction of regional science and technology platforms serving the country and industry, and signed comprehensive strategic cooperation agreements with industry leaders such as CSSC group and Harbin Electric Power Group.

From December 3 to 6, 2019, HEU and China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote China from the world's largest shipbuilding country to a shipbuilding power. In 2019, HEU approved the Sino Russian polar equipment and technology area of a joint laboratory, with the national second, engineering and technology group won the first batch of 14 identified. In addition, HEU also added 7 provincial and ministerial level key science and technology laboratories. At the same time, HEU has comprehensively promoted the construction of four discipline groups, namely, Ship and Marine Engineering Equipment, Marine Information, Ship Power, Advanced Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Safety, and established the School of Mathematics Science and the School of Physics and Photoelectric Engineering. HEU has set up a higher Research Institute of Humanities to support the first level discipline construction of Marxism. Moreover, Nuclear Science and Technology has carried out the first international assessment, and Computer Science has entered the top 1% of ESI. In addition, Artificial Intelligence and Network Security Technology and Engineering are added as two out of catalog second-class doctoral disciplines. 


8. International cooperation has continued to deepen, and new breakthroughs have been made in the construction of high-level foreign talents.

In 2019, HEU built the Joint Laboratory for international cooperation of ship and marine engineering technology between China and Portugal, which is the international version of the 2011 plan. In addition, HEU has also built China Russia International Joint Laboratory of advanced nano materials for innovative applications and China Brazil Joint Laboratory of marine information technology. A joint civil engineering project with the University of Aberdeen was also approved. The first winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry was invited as an honorary professor of our University. Foreign experts were selected for the first time in the work plan for distinguished young scientists from developing countries to come to China and won the Friendship Award of the Chinese Government for the first time. In addition, HEU has approved 43 high-end foreign experts introduction projects. The first six overseas students of ocean scholarship program of the Chinese government are enrolled. HEU also added a friendly messenger project in the field of ship power to aid Thailand. In the field of Marine Information, foreign aid projects to Pakistan have been successfully implemented, and the pace of internationalization has been significantly accelerated.

9. Snow ship carrier situation has polished the cultural card of the ship sea school, and the military playground represents the combination of two ships. The number of news readers reached 120 million.

On December 17,2019, the first domestic aircraft carrier Shandong Ship was delivered to the Navy. Teachers and students of HEU recreated the snow ship in the military playground, sending unique blessings for the de-single of the aircraft carrier, with a topic reading volume of 120 million. Taking the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China as an opportunity, HEU launched a series of activities to celebrate my country and I. In the year, Academician Shi-e YANG and Academician Desen YANG won 70 model figures in Heilongjiang Province with the motherland, huilongjiang and Qunying in 70 years, Automation College won the national advanced collective of education system, Wanyou LI won the national model teacher, Yumin SU won the national excellent teacher, Jian YANG won the quality and ability competition of College Party branch secretary, Tie LIU won the National High School. A number of campus model pioneers have emerged, such as the title of school counselor of the year and National Outstanding Youth League members.

10. HEU has successfully held the first session of the 6th education representative conference. It has taken multiple measures to promote the construction of conditions and constantly improved the conditions for running schools.

From June 25 to 26, 2019, the sixth faculty Congress and the eighth trade union member congress of the University were held to fully implement the spirit of the Fourth Party Congress of the University. HEU public service has been upgraded, and the service guarantee system has been improved day by day. The new gymnasium has been put into use, greatly improving the indoor sports conditions of teachers and students. The construction of 3rd student apartments was launched to accelerate the improvement of students' living conditions. Significant progress has been made in the housing problems of young teachers and staff, steady progress has been made in the allowance for teachers and staff, the campus network has been speeded up and expanded, the campus pedestrian area has been set up, the parking lot has been added, and the kindergarten has been promoted to the Municipal demonstration kindergarten.

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