HEU Conducted the Teaching Inspection Meeting for the Spring Semester 2020

In accordance with the Central Government’s policies regarding the epidemic prevention and control and requirements of the Ministry of Education for the universities to “suspend the classes but to continue teaching ; classes suspend but, learning continues”, on March 2nd at 10 a.m, Harbin Engineering University organized the first inspection of the teaching work for the Spring Semester of 2020. The inspection was conducted online and the main venue was the Teachers Salon of the Qihang Activity Center. GAO Yan, the Party Secretary of HEU, YAO Yu, the President of HEU, WU Linzhi, the Vice President of HEU and the relevant people in charge of the Undergraduate School and Graduate School, attended the meeting.

The relevant person in charge of the Undergraduate School introduced the overall situation of the undergraduate online teaching during the Spring Semester. On the first day of online teaching, the school provided a total of 58 undergraduate courses, 150 courses, 132 teachers, 12141 elective students and a total of 6000 teachers, students and educational administrators online, simultaneously. The data of the three online teaching platforms of Wisdom Tree, Super Star, and Rain Classroom are seamlessly linked with HEU Teaching Administration System. Thus, ensuring timely and effective feedback on the course construction and students’ listening situation. HEU leaders also inspected the undergraduate courses “University Physics (I)” and “Mathematical Analysis of Engineering” online to evaluate the students’ learning and teachers’ teaching situation.

The person from the Graduate School introduced the situation about the online defense of the graduate students and the guidance of the tutor. At the beginning of the Spring Semester, there will 1,650 graduate students, including; 1,591 graduate students and 59 doctoral students graduate. It is the largest group of graduates throughout the year. According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the graduates would use online application and online video conference defense methods. All the departments of the university will fully cooperate to ensure that graduates of the Spring Semester graduate on schedule. Hence, HEU leaders conducted online inspections of CUI Ya and WANG Shuaishuai, the graudates from College of Automation and the tutors’ group of Professor DUAN Wenyang from the School of Shipbuilding Engineering, who instruct the graduates online.

YAO Yu communicated with the team of Professor DUAN Wenyang online and asked DUAN Wenyang about the construction of the Undergraduate morning course “Shipping Principles” and the graduate course “Potential Flow Theory of Ships Moving in Waves.” Yao Yu said that Professor DUAN Wenyang has achieved fruitful scientific research and teaching achievements in the field of shipping. He anticipates that he could take the advantages of scientific research and nurture distance teaching and learning by creating a distinctive online course, having a rich content that students would take interest in. Thus, serving as a role model for HEU’s MOOC construction. YAO Yu inquired about the work, study, and health of Mr. CHEN Jikang, who attended the meeting in Hubei and expressed his concern and condolences.

Yao Yu pointed out that conducting online education and teaching in this special period is a practical training of actively exploring the online education and teaching methods. It is also an important opportunity to promote HEU teaching reform. The University-wide online teaching is an advanced development of HEU’s promotion of education and teaching reform. It is an innovation of the university’s talent training method. He expected that all faculty and staff can work together and pass the “big test” during the epidemic period. Complete online teaching tasks having high quality and explore new models of education and teaching, YAO Yu recommended three requirements: First, to further promote teaching reform and create online high-quality courses. Large-scale online teaching is a new thing for the university. The Undergraduate School should continue to track and actively listen to the feedback of teachers and students. Hence, continuously enriching the curriculum content, improving the curriculum system and creating the “golden class” that students would like. Secondly, to use high-quality online courses to attract the excellent students, making full use of the existing excellent online teaching resources, continuously optimizing the teaching content and updating the teaching method. Simultaneously, improving the quality of course teaching and attracting more outstanding students to the online classroom to learn about HEU. Thirdly, to use online teaching as an opportunity to expand the influence of scientific research, encourage teachers to incorporate the scientific research cases, having HEU’s characteristics into the teaching content. Consequently, expanding the influence of university scientific research work while, increasing the popularity of the university by promoting its curriculum.

Through the inspection and understanding of online courses, GAO Yan expressed his heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude to the frontline teachers for their active adaptation and cooperation in the face of the epidemic period and for their hard work and efforts to ensure high-quality completion of online teaching tasks. GAO Yan said that during the epidemic, teachers and students of the whole university have responded positively and taken the initiative, as they have optimistic spirits. Before the class, teachers and students hold a sacred and solemn line-up National flag ceremony. Thus, initiating a special,  patriotic education class. It shows the spirit of HEU students who love their country. The smooth development of online teaching activities in the new semester has been the accumulated hard work of front-line teachers, faculty and staff of various departments. GAO Yan fully affirmed the active efforts of all the departments to unite and work together to ensure quality teaching.

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