The Research Group of the Provincial Education Department Visited Harbin Engineering University to Investigate the Opening Work of Autumn Semester

  On the morning of September 3, ZHANG Dazhu, head of the Organization Department of the Education Working Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, along with a delegation of three people visited Harbin Engineering University to investigate the work of campus epidemic prevention, student management and emergency plan. GAO Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee and leader of the leading group for the epidemic prevention and control of Harbin Engineering University, and XIA Guihua, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Harbin Engineering University, had a discussion with the investigation group in the conference room on the 8th floor of the main building.

  GAO Yan presided the meeting and, on behalf of Harbin Engineering University, welcomed the research group to the school for investigation and guidance. GAO Yan introduced the school’s implementation of the requirements of the higher authorities to do a good job in the campus epidemic prevention and school opening work. Hence, hoping that the research group would put forward further guidance for the school's opening work.

XIA Guihua introduced to the research group the measures and effects taken in the implementation of the school epidemic prevention responsibility, students returning to school, daily campus management, logistics support, and students' mental health. They also put forward suggestions to the research group regarding the problems and difficulties encountered during the practice.

  ZHANG Dazhu pointed out that he hoped that Harbin Engineering University would thoroughly implement the spirit of the General Secretary XI Jinping's important speech and instructions about the epidemic prevention and control. Thus, conscientiously implementing the national education system epidemic prevention and control dispatch video conference and the strict prevention of the gathering epidemic situation of Heilongjiang Province. Hence, doing a good job in the prevention and control of Autumn and Winter teleconference. According to the relevant documents of the higher authorities, we should do a good job in the beginning of the Autumn term. Henceforth, ensuring the safety and health of teachers, students, staff, and the normal development of teaching and scientific research by making emergency plans to ensure the safety and stability of the campus.

  Before the meeting, the research group visited the campus entrance, student apartments and other places.

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