Seven projects of Harbin Engineering University Got Funded by the National Social Science Fund of China

The list of annual projects and youth projects of the National Social Science Fund of China in 2020 was announced a few days ago. Harbin Engineering University has obtained 7 projects, including 1 key project, 5 general projects and 1 youth project, having the highest number of projects in the past years.

This year, our university has obtained the National Social Science Fund for Management, Sociology, Marxism-Leninism Science and Sociology, and Linguistics. Professor GUO Tao’s, “Research on the driving mechanism and implementation path of business model innovation of technology start-up enterprises under the background of digital economy,” has become the only key project in the field of Management in Heilongjiang Province. Professor SUN Huan’s “Research on the core terms of Chinese terminology discourse system,” has filled the gap of projects in the field of Linguistics in our university during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. The new teacher WEI Junbin’s “Research on Legalization of network public opinion under the background of epidemic situation,”has been approved by  the youth project. The research results of Professor LI Xiaodi, GAO Minghua, YANG Guoqing and LI Shihui have been approved as the general projects.

As the 13th Five-Year Plan period has begun, in order to continuously improve the basic research ability of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Harbin Engineering University has implemented the excellent liberal arts support plan. It is supported by the School of Economics and Management, the College of Humanities and Social Science, the Foreign Language Department and other departments. Consequently, sorting out and refining the scientific research direction, cultivating a number of high-level research projects and achievements of Philosophy and Social Sciences. Henceforth, playing a positive role in strengthening the connotation construction of Philosophy and Social Sciences and the overall scientific research development of the university.

The National Social Science Fund projects adhere to the major practical problems as the main direction of attack. Thus, adhering to the basic research and application research equally, by fully embodying the distinctive characteristics of the times, problem orientation and innovation consciousness, which is the booster of cultivating national high-level research results.

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