XIA Guihua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Harbin Engineering University and his Delegation Went to Qiqihar for Collaboration and Research

In order to make full use of the high-quality resources of the University and the locality, constantly expand the cooperation fields and jointly promote the coordinated development of the University and the locality, XIA Guihua, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Harbin Engineering University, together with 11 representatives from relevant departments and teachers of Harbin Engineering University, went to Qiqihar city for research and cooperation. SUN Shen, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress and Secretary of the Qiqihar Municipal Party committee, met with XIA Guihua and his delegation. HE Jing, member of the Standing Committee and head of the organization of Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, and YAO Qing, the Vice Mayor of Qiqihar Municipal Government, attended the meeting and accompanied the research.

XIA Guihua said that the discipline construction of Harbin Engineering University is highly consistent with the industrial foundation of Qiqihar city. In the process of promoting the construction of high-level university, Harbin Engineering University will continue to utilize its advantages of professional disciplines and talent training  to its full potential. Thus, conducting a multi-directional and deep-seated cooperation, by actively participating in the economic development of Qiqihar City, and taking the cooperation between the two sides to a new level.

SUN Shen extended a warm welcome to XIA Guihua and his delegation for their research and visit of Qiqihar. Sun Shen briefly introduced the economic and social development of Qiqihar city. He hoped to integrate the superior local resources as well as, of the university to expand the scope of cooperation between the two sides, and conduct long-term and comprehensive cooperation in many fields such as industrial technology and talent training. Hence,  realizing their complementary advantages and win-win development.

During the meeting and conversation, the two sides elaborated that Harbin Engineering University will take the industrial development and enterprise demand of Qiqihar City as a guideline, by utilizing their own advantages to its full potential in Science, Technology and talents. Consequently, establishing a comprehensive, long-term and stable university-local strategic cooperation relationship with Qiqihar city. We will deploy innovation chain around the industrial chain, spreading the talent chain around the innovation chain, by continuously carrying out multi-channel, multi-level and multi-form exchanges and cooperation. Thus, accelerating the implementation of cooperation intention between the two sides, and helping Qiqihar equipment manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade to precision, ultra precision, and high-quality development.

XIA Guihua and his delegation visited Gaoxin Zhigu, Xiongying Group, Qizhong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd, China’s first heavy industries and other enterprises. Subsequently, both sides reached a cooperative consensus on joint scientific and technological tackling of key equipment research, development, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, joint training of talents and declaration of various National Science and Technology projects, and awards at all levels.


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