Professor GAO Minghua of Harbin Engineering University Made a Breakthrough in the Field of Health and Pension in China

Recently, Professor GAO Minghua of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Harbin Engineering University has published a paper entitled “Effects of Early Social Psychological Risks on Health: Based on the Data of China Health and Pension follow-Up Survey,” in the Journal of Social Sciences in China, aiming to evaluate the predictive effects of early social psychological risks on the health of the elderly. This paper is of great significance for the prevention of aging diseases from the upstream of individual life time and the implementation of “life cycle health management.”

In the context of the effects of aging, the health promotion strategy of “prevention first, reducing disease occurrence,” has been given priority. To explore the early risk factors of elderly diseases is the premise of prevention and intervention, and also the meaning of “actively coping with the aging population.” Having the support of China National Social Science fund, based on the assessment results of disability weight of global disease burden, this paper gives the disability weight to health status in China's health and pension follow-up survey data. Also, evaluating the predictive effects of early social psychological risks on elderly health by taking the year of disability loss as the quantitative index. The results show that early social psychological risks significantly decrease the life time of elderly, and has significant predictive power for high-risk health status of the elderly. Hence, the relationship between them is causal. Moreover, the study identifies four early psychosocial risk factors that lead to severe deterioration of the quality of life in elderly, namely physical violence, childhood migration, mother's mental health and father's physical health. The intervention measures aiming at these risk factors will help to extend the healthy life expectancy of the elderly and reduce the burden of pension in China in the future.

Social Sciences in China is the source journal of CSSCI Chinese Social Science Citation Index and Peking University’s outline of Chinese Core Journals and it is included in the National Academic Journal database of Philosophy and Social Sciences. In the world ranking Q1 Chinese Social Science journals published in the annual report of the World Academic Journals Citation Index (WAJCI) in 2019, this journal ranks first in the field of Comprehensive Humanities and Social Sciences. Subsequently, it has been honored as the highest level Comprehensive Humanities and Social Science journal in China.

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