ZHANG Donghui, General Manager of the Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., Visited HEU

On October 20, ZHANG Donghui, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., along with a delegation of five people came to HEU for an investigation. ZHANG Zhijian, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of HEU, met ZHANG Donghui and his party. The two sides conducted detailed discussion on scientific and technological innovation, and joint talent training. Hence, reaching a consensus on cooperation. The heads of relevant departments and faculties of HEU attended the forum.


ZHANG Zhijian briefly introduced HEU’s historical evolution, school-running characteristics, the development of Nuclear majors, and also introduced to ZHANG Donghui and his party the future planning and layout of the College of Nuclear Science and Technology in terms of personnel training, technological innovation and team building. ZHANG hoped that this meeting will be used as an opportunity to further expand the scope of cooperation between HEU and The Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. Both sides will give full play to their respective advantages, uniting their efforts to open a new situation of win-win cooperation in terms of talent training, scientific research and social services, by making newer and greater contributions.


ZHANG Donghui briefly introduced the development plan of Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. in combination with the current Nuclear power plant units and nuclear power technology research and development design. He said that Huaneng Co., Ltd. will consider the objective needs of future development talent reserve and long-term core talent training, and hope to develop long-term and stable strategic cooperation with HEU. Thus, planning to adopt the method of school-enterprise joint training to select and recruit a group of high-quality outstanding graduates. It will provide talent guarantee for the sustainable development of our country’s Nuclear power industry.

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