Qiqihar City Secretary “in Campus Activity” to Recruit Talents and to Carry Out University Local and Enterprise Cooperation was Held in Harbin Engineering University

On October 28, Qiqihar City “Secretary into the campus activity” was held in Qihang Theater of Harbin Engineering University. SUN Shen, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress and Secretary of the Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, and his delegation came to Harbin Engineering University to recruit talents. SUN Shen delivered an important speech on the economic and social development of Qiqihar City its relevant talent policies, and a signing ceremony for university-local cooperation on site was held. GAO Yan, Secretary of Harbin Engineering University Party Committee, presided the ceremony and delivered a speech.

GAO Yan pointed out that the “Secretary into the Campus” activity has opened up a new chapter of comprehensive strong cooperation between Harbin Engineering University and the local government. Thus, playing an important role in promoting contemporary college students' detailed perception of the charm of Qiqihar City and attracting more outstanding graduates to Qiqihar for employment and entrepreneurship. He hoped that students would firmly grasp the opportunities in life, by actively thinking about life choices, making contributions to the great practice of promoting the revitalization of Heilongjiang Province, and writing a beautiful chapter of life. Harbin Engineering University and Qiqihar City will plan for  future, deepen cooperation and win-win results in a larger pattern and higher level in the future.

SUN Shen gave a keynote speech on the theme of “pursuing the dream of youth, building a dream in Qiqihar.”Hence, starting from Qiqihar's “history, taste, story, pursuit and love,” by introducing the local long history and culture, superior geographical location, excellent ecological environment, comfortable living conditions, outstanding talent recruiting policies, future development direction and other aspects of Qiqihar City. Consequently, showing the situation of Qiqihar City from all aspects, and welcoming the graduates of Harbin Engineering University to Qiqihar City for  employment and entrepreneurship so as to realize the ideal of life.

ZHANG Zhenrong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China First Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd., WANG Xuefeng, Secretary of the Party group and director of Qiqihar Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and CHEN Lijun, Secretary of Longsha District Party Committee of Qiqihar City, respectively made propaganda and promotion on behalf of key equipment manufacturing enterprises, industrial base and development situation of the whole city and the districts and counties of Qiqihar City.

HAN Duanfeng, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Harbin Engineering University, and YAO Qing, Vice Mayor of Qiqihar City, jointly signed the framework agreement on university-local strategic cooperation and the agreement on cooperation in precision and ultra precision manufacturing industry. On the basis of the original cooperation, both sides would integrate advantageous resources, expanding the scope of cooperation, establishing a comprehensive, long-term and stable university local strategic cooperation relationship in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, co construction of scientific research platform and joint training of talents. Hence, carrying out multi-directional and deep-seated cooperation, and striving to achieve complementary advantages and win-win development.

The relevant sides held a series of signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between university-local and university-enterprise for practical cooperation and common development. Moreover, building a number of talent workstations and talent training practice bases for commercialization of scientific research findings, retention and employment of talents, and promoting cooperation of related scientific research projects.

Ten “Leading Wild Goose” Bellwether teams and Qiqihar City jointly built the Leading Wild Goose Bellwether workstation to promote the commercialization and landing of a number of important scientific and technological projects and leading key technological findings. The Advanced Ship Materials and Mechanics Innovation Research team and Marine Robot Technology Innovation Research team of Harbin Engineering University, respectively signed cooperation agreements with Hua An Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Qiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment Corp., Ltd.

In order to promote the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements and the recruitment and cultivation of talents, Qiqihar has jointly built the Ten Major Bases such as, Extension Base of Scientific Research Platform and Joint Training Base for Postgraduates with contractual universities. The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Harbin Engineering University and Hawk Police Equipment Co., Ltd. of Qiqihar have signed an agreement on co-constructing the practice base for the professional degree graduate students.

A number of scientific research teams of Harbin Engineering university have signed scientific and technological cooperation project agreements with Qiqihar City. The team of Professor ZHAO Chengzhi of the College of Material Science and Chemical Engineering signed project cooperation agreements with Qiqihar Municipal Heavy Casting Co., Ltd.,. The team of Professor XING Xiaodong of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering signed project cooperation agreements with TengXiang Heavy Casting Co., Ltd., The team of Professor WANG Liquan of the College of Mechanical and Electrical and Qiqihar Municipal No.2 Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., . And Professor SONG Enzhe team of the College of Power and Energy Engineering and Qiqihar Municipal No.1 New Energy Cold Chain Equipment Company. The Research Institute of Comprehensive Utilization of Municipal Sludge and Solid Waste has been jointly established by the research team of LV Jianfu, an associate professor in the College of Aerospace and Civil Engineering, Jianhua District of Qiqihar City and XinYu Cement products Co., Ltd.,. They signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement of the Comprehensive Utilization, Research and Development Center of Sludge.

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